Assess your diabetes risk

Type 2 diabetes is a long-term and typically preventable condition that results in too much glucose (a type of sugar) in the blood. The National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) of UK published recently new diabetes guidelines and provide recommendations that are designed to:

– identify people at a potential high risk of developing the  condition

– assess their individual risk with testing, and, if necessary

– offer lifestyle advice (such as advice on diet and exercise), to help prevent the condition in people who are at high risk, and advise on such things as dietary changes and increased physical activity


Your First Step – Assess your diabetes risk – Diabetes self assessment process

Please note, this tool may not be accurate for anyone undergoing treatment for diabetes.


The words in italics indicate possible risk factors or symptoms of diabetes and appear in the tool as a list on the results page.

1. Are you?

a) Male

b) Female

2. How old are you?

a) Under 25 (0 points)

b) Between 25 and 39 (1 point) Your age

c) Between 40 and 59 (2 points) Your age

d) 60 or over (4 points) Your age

3. Are you overweight?

a) Yes, I’m overweight for my height (2 points) Being overweight

b) I’m slightly overweight (1 point) Being overweight

c) No, I’m not overweight (0 points)

4. How would you describe your thirst levels?

a) I’m continuously thirsty (2 points) Feeling thirsty all the times

b) I’m often thirsty (1 point) Feeling thirsty

c) My thirst levels are average (0 points)

5. Do you have a history of diabetes in your immediate family?

a) Yes, I have close family members with diabetes (2 points) Having a relative with Type 2 diabetes

b) I have a distant relative with diabetes (1 points)

c) No, there’s no history of diabetes in my family (0 points)

6. In terms of tiredness, how do you feel on an average day?

a) Always exhausted (2 points) Extreme tiredness

b) Sometimes feel tired (1 points)

c) Usually fine (0 points)

7. Are you African-Caribbean or south Asian?

a) Yes (1 points) Being African Caribbean or south Asian

b) No (0 points)

8. Do you have blurred vision?

a) Yes, often it is really hard to see and read (2 points) Blurred vision

b) Sometimes (1 point) Blurred vision

c) No, never (0 points)

9. IF YOU ARE FEMALE: Does your waist measure more than 31.5 inches or 80cms?

a) Yes (2 points) Your waist measurement

b) No (0 points)

9. IF YOU ARE MALE: Measure your waist and select the answer according to your ethnic group:

a) Asian and less than 35 inches or 90cm (0 points)

b) Asian and more than 35 inches or 90cm (2 points) Your waist measurement

c) Black or white and less than 37 inches or 94cm (0 points)

d) Black or white and more than 37 inches or 94cm (2 points) Your waist measurement

10. Do you need to urinate a lot at night?

a) Yes, I always need the loo a few times during the night (2 points) Needing to go to the toilet a lot

b) I sometimes need the loo during the night (1 point)

c) No, I don’t go to the toilet at all during the night (0 points)

11. Have you had regular episodes of thrush?

a) Yes, I’ve had thrush a number of times recently (2 points) Episodes of thrush

b)  I’ve had thrush a few times (1 points)

c) No, I’ve never had thrush (0 points)

12. IF YOU ARE MALE: Do you have genital itching?

a) Yes (1 point) Itchiness around the penis

b) No (0 points)

12. IF YOU ARE FEMALE: Do you have genital itching?

a) Yes (1 point) Itchiness around the vagina

b) No (0 points)

13. IF YOU ARE FEMALE: Have you had diabetes temporarily during pregnancy or have you recently given birth to a large baby (over 4kg or 8lb 8 oz)?

a) Yes (1 points) Diabetes in pregnancy or giving birth to a large baby

b) No (0 points)




0-9 points

Based on your responses today you are probably not at risk of developing type 2 diabetes now, but your risk could increase as you get older and if your weight increases.

Leading a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a healthy weight can reduce the risk of developing diabetes or delay the onset of the condition. It’s important to make yourself aware of the symptoms and visit your GP if you get them.

9-14 points

Based on your responses today you may have some of the risk factors or symptoms linked to type 2 diabetes. (These risk factors or symptoms were highlighted in italics after certain responses you may have given.) You should ask your GP about it the next time you have an appointment.

14-90 points

Based on your responses today you are at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes. It is important that you visit your GP as soon as possible to discuss having a simple blood test to measure your blood glucose level.


Now, you know your diabetes risk, please re-check it after 6 months here.

Enjoy diabetes free life 🙂

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  1. Wow, I am diabetes free.

    Well, my score is 6.

    I’ll check this diabetes test after 6 months.

    Thanks Dr. Anil for this diabetes self assessment test.


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