5 tips for New Year’s Health Resolution

The health message has excellent penetration. Few people are unaware of the benefits that come from adopting a healthy lifestyle – doing more physical activity and exercise, eating better, stopping smoking and drinking less alcohol. But the recent Health Survey showed very clearly that whilst most people know about the importance of a healthy lifestyle, … Read more

Add more years to your life – a free mantra – be physically active

A new study reinforce the public health message that both a physically active lifestyle and a normal body weight are important for increasing longevity. The challenge is getting people to act on the knowledge that physical activity is important for health. In this study, researchers have quantified how many years of life are gained by … Read more

Simpler lifestyle better for women

A lifestyle that features fresh foods and limited use of products likely to contain environmental chemicals has been shown to reduce exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), such as BPA and phthalates.

EDCs are linked to a number of adverse health complications including neuro-developmental delays, behavioral issues and fertility problems.

Read moreSimpler lifestyle better for women

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