15 points to have best powerpoint presentation by Dr. Jawahar Shah

If you are looking for some better tips about powerpoint presentation for your next speech, talk, seminar or conference, then following powerpoint tips by Dr. Jawahar Shah of Mumbai, India, (owner of HOMPATH homeopathic software) might help you in a big way.

I am posting the content from one of his emails.

Dr. Jawahar Shah wrote:

Dear Homoeopathic friend,

I was at Telemedicon 2011 where 450+ delegates from 35 countries were present. Even one of the right hand of Mr Barack Obama from USA was present for telemedicine and delivered a speech. Even in his speech 50% of the matter in slides was not readable even from the 4th row.

This stimulated me to write this mail to you. Presentation is something which is artistic, scientific and technical. The correct message has to reach in an acceptable format so that the delegates do not loose interest in what you are talking.

At Mind Technologies we have been designing PowerPoint presentations since last 15 years and have created 1000’s of professional slides on 100’s of topics. We have a team of good designers and visualizers who can help you with the designs and presentations , this is being offered to you without any obligations and not for any financial compensation.

We offer our services to touch up the presentations, If you can send us the PPT we can touch them up and send you within 7 days time and it will be your property but please see that PPT’s reach us as soon as possible.

However I can give you few simple tips to make a good presentation.

1. Keep minimum content in one slide.

2. If organizers have got any templates please design your slide using the same background.

3. Font size should be minimum 20+, 26 is preferred.

Use at least 20-point font
Use different size fonts for main points and secondary points this font is 24-point, the main point font is 28-point, and the title font is 36-point
Use a standard font like Times New Roman or Arial – if the presentation computer doesn’t have certain font types it will give a problem.

If you use a small font, your audience won’t be able to read what you have written
Don’t use a complicated font

4. Normally 1 message should be given in 1 slide or it should be progressive as you keep on talking the next point will keep on opening on a click.

Will help audience concentrate on what you are saying
Will prevent audience from reading ahead
Will help you keep your presentation focused

5. The color should be pastel which is international standard, do not use too many colors or bright colors in slides.

Colour –Good
• Use a color of font that contrasts sharply with the background
• Ex: blue font on white background
• Use color to reinforce the logic of your structure
• Ex: light blue title and dark blue text
• Use color to emphasize a point
• But only use this occasionally

Colour –Bad
• Using a font color that does not contrast with the background color is hard to read
• Using colour for decoration is distracting and annoying.
• Using a different colour for each point is unnecessary
• Using a different colour for secondary points is also unnecessary
• Trying to be over creative can be bad

6. Background-Good
• Use backgrounds such as this one that are attractive but simple
• Use backgrounds which are light
• Use the same background consistently throughout your presentation
• Avoid backgrounds that are distracting or difficult to read from
• Always be consistent with the background that you use

7. Graphs – Good
• Use graphs rather than just charts and words
• Data in graphs is easier to comprehend & retain than is raw data
• Trends are easier to visualize in graph form
• Always title your graphs
Graph- Bad
• Minor gridlines are unnecessary
• Font is too small
• Colours are illogical
• Title is missing
• Shading is distracting

8. Spelling and Grammar:
Proof your slides for:
Spelling mistakes
The use of of repeated words
Grammatical errors you might have make
If English is not your first language, please have someone else check your presentation

9. The reports should be scanned and put inside and the main points have to be highlighted. The scanning has to be done in high resolution to have clarity.

10. Use the illustrations and photographs which are relevant to the case.

11. Audios, videos and photographs have to be embedded in the slide otherwise it will not be visible and when you run the slide show it will not be possible to see in the presentation.

12. Always use the same machine and load it completely, test it before you start your presentation.

13. Outlines : Make your 1st or 2nd slide an outline of your presentation
Ex: previous slide
Follow the order of your outline for the rest of the presentation
Only place main points on the outline slide
Ex: Use the titles of each slide as main points

14. Slide Structure- Good
Use 1-2 slides per minute of your presentation
Write in point form, not complete sentences
Include 4-5 points per slide
Avoid wordiness: use key words and phrases only

Slide Structure- Bad
Do not use distracting animation
Do not go overboard with the animation
Be consistent with the animation that you use

15. Conclusions
• Use an effective and strong closing or give some cartoon or crake a joke or thank you note
• Your audience is likely to remember your last words
• Use a conclusion slide to: Summarize the main points of your presentation & Suggest future avenues of research / work
• Put you contact details, email id & website if any so that those who are interested can contact you.

• End your presentation with a simple question slide to:
• Invite your audience to ask questions
• Provide a visual aid during question period
• Avoid ending a presentation abruptly
• The most important point is do not include unnecessary slides and do not jump the slides while giving your presentations. Please keep at least 1 minute per slide, by doing this you will be able to give justice to your presentation.
• Rehearse twice before you give actual presentation.

These points are being shared because I wish you to have best of the presentation.

With good wishes, best luck and plenty of cures in your personal and professional life.

Dr. Jawahar Shah

I appreciate all the best efforts of Dr. Jawahar Shah.

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