Should we attend LIGA conference 2011 in New Delhi?

“Should we attend LIGA conference 2011 in New Delhi?” asked by some of my students. Why did they raise this question for 66th World Congress of Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (LMHI)?

I feel this seems to be a valid question for everyone who is planning to attend  LIGA seminar in Delhi for four days and a good amount of money to spend. This funding issue becomes important for some students when they have to spare this money from their other essential budgets. This is the one thing, and immediately point comes to whether it would be of any worth or it would be a similar event like a Mela.

Initially, it was difficult for me to answer. In a way, students asked the first question and they had the answer in second question of its worthiness.

Well, if it is really a money constraint, then I suggested that student should borrow the LIGA conference souvenir and read the articles and abstracts of all the scientific papers being selected for the LIGA conference presentations.

Otherwise, this would be a life time opportunity to attend this LIGA Congress LMHI to be held in New Delhi in Dec. 2011. This would be my first experience of LIGA, 22 years after passing out the BHMS from NHMC, New Delhi.

One reason is, in less than 100 dollars you are going to attend an International homeopathic event in your home town where no lodging is required.

Second, you can meet National and International speakers, teachers and authors at one platform where you can have face to face interaction and take their contact details for communicating with them later.

Third, Organizers have selected a nice venue – Siri Fort Auditorium in Delhi. There are four halls and you can attend the lectures as per your interests. For this you need to plan your schedule according to the timing of different scientific papers during the LIGA conference.

Fourth, fifth, sixth, there are many points where you can find a reason to attend this 66th World Congress of Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (LMHI) in New Delhi in Dec. 2011.

I believe this LIGA conference would be beneficial to all PG students in homeopathy (pursuing MD), researchers, academicians and clinicians. As per following main sections of the theme of LIGA, one can get a lot of learning as per their interest:


  1. Public Health Initiatives in Homoeopathy
    • Homoeopathy for epidemics/pandemics (Special focus on emerging viral diseases)
    • Homoeopathy for Healthy Mother & Happy Child
  2. Homoeopathic Education and Policies
    • Government policies of Homoeopathy around the world
    • Professional homoeopathic training – opportunities & challenges
  3. Applied Homoeopathy – Case studies
    • Materia Medica – clinical verification
    • Stories of success and failure in difficult cases, highlighting different techniques of treatment
    • Clinical trials in Homoeopathy – meta-analysis etc.
    • Miasmatic diagnosis and its relevance in practice
  4. Pharmaceutics & Pharmacy
    • Basic research in Homoeopathy- scope and limitations
    • GMP and  pharmacopoeia
    • Pharmaceutical industry; demands & studies
    • Drug safety & drug control  legislations
    • Drug proving – planning & protocol
  5. Homoeopathy in Allied Life Sciences
    • Homoeopathy in veterinary medicine
    • Homoeopathy in  dentistry
    • Agro-Homoeopathy; plant experimentations
  6. Open sessions, Participation in Panel Discussion

5 thoughts on “Should we attend LIGA conference 2011 in New Delhi?”

  1. Regards sir. thank u soo much for giving us a rt. guidance about liga i was really confuse abt that.. many ques were arousing about it like is it worth spending this much amount ? after disscusing with u n reading ur blog iam clear with my thoughts.. that it will going to be worth.. thanks to u sir.. i will join u in liga .. thanks

  2. thank u sir… i got my registration done..
    actually i was confused but i thought to discuss it with u..n after hearing your opinion i m not that much convinced but yes was convinced that in 100 dollars i can experience a internationally recognized conference.. :)n if u have said that its worth attending so definitely it will b..
    so i m hoping for some really good experience..
    thank u sir..
    your student

    • Thank you Dr. Adhishree, I am sure this LIGA conference (66th World Congress of Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (LMHI)) in New Delhi would prove beneficial to you. Warm Regards.
      Dr Anil Singhal


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