Central Council for Research in Homeopathy website is either hacked or under updation. MSPL INTERNET SERVICES is techanically administrating the domain I would advise some points to prevent hacking. (Now CCRH website working fine.)

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Expert Systems in Homeopathic Softwares

System is an organization of functionally interactive units for the achievement of a common goal. All systems have inputs, outputs, and feedback, and maintain a basic level of equilibrium. For example, in the human body the heart functions to support the circulatory system, which is vital to the survival of the entire body.

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Utilities essential to keep the system in good shape

Hello, I hope this message meets you in good health & spirit. For long, I could not write to you about any event or happening at NHMC Alumni platform because of certain reasons. This year I had seen two major breakdown of my computer system where I lost nearly all my data, and each time it took much efforts to revive it back.

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Dr. Anil Singhal MD (Homeo)