Government policies of Homoeopathy – Canada, Germany, India – LIGA 2011

No institution can survive unless it gets the full support and patronage from government and governmental agencies. Well, it also depends on the team and people associated with these agencies. We have seen downfall of homeopathy in US around 1910 due to improperly represented report of a University. In contrast, we have seen Royal Family support for homeopathy in UK. And, now, a lobby in UK strongly against it, and trying to ban all support in the NHS, UK

I would like to hear certain key speakers in LIGA 2011 in India regarding this perspective.

First, I would like to mention about Bhupinder Sharma from Canada. His paper is Political scenario of Homoeopathy in Canada.

Prof. Bupinder Sharma is a Professor of Homeopathy in Canadian College of Holistic Health, Richmond Hill, Ontario (since 1999 till to date), and Former President & C.E.O. Homeopathic Medical Educational Centre of Canada since 2005.

Once, I wanted to emigrate to Canada, and wanted to join some homeopathic institute there. I feel I am still open to migrate to Canada πŸ™‚

Any one who wants to settle in Canada must attend this paper in LIGA.

Second, I would like to hear Karin Bandalin of Germany on The LIGA as a representation for a world of Homeopathy. Let’s see how LIGA can help and support homeopathy to stand firmly through out this world.

Third, R K Manchanda from India on Strategic position of India in the world of Homoeopathy and road ahead.

Well, undoubtedly, Dr RK Manchanda is a prominent figure in Homeopathy. Dr Manchanda has done commendable job in last 2 decades. Due to his best efforts, we have maximum number of homeopathic dispensaries compared to all other alternative systems under AYUSH (Ayurveda – Yoga – Unani – Siddha – Homeopathy).

Jobs in homeopathy remained a big question since the inception of NHMC, New Delhi. This question of homeopathy jobs and survival is rising steeply up due to increased number of students in homeopathic colleges. Every year 2 colleges in Delhi Govt. – Nehru Homeopathic Medical College producing 100 homeopathic medical doctors, Dr. BR Sur Homeopathic Medical College producing 50 and another college in NCR i.e. Bakson Homeopathic Homeopathic Medical College – Greater Noida producing 100 homeopathic medical doctors every year. I believe more than this number of 250 are usually migrated from other places to Delhi and NCR.

I am sure Dr. Manchanda would address this issue in his talk.

Enjoy LIGA 2011.

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    • hiii sir i want join in canada homoeopathic hospitals…so plz give me information about it….thnk u sir

    • I am Homeopathic professional completed BHMS in 2002 ( More than 6 years of clinical experience) and completing Hospital management in 2009 from IHMR Bangalore.
      I have experience in health care insurance sector for than 5 years. Currently working with HDFC GIC PVT LTD as a state manager for fraud control.
      Kindly suggest any opportunity in Canada for me.

    • Hello sir … I’m studying homoeopathy al (UG) .. I want to do PG course in germany only .. can you please help me out of this !! Cause I’m clueless !!

      Thank you so much sir πŸ™‚

    • Hello Dr.Sachin,
      I’m a homeopath (B.H.M.S) passed out in 2013, i hv 2yrs of clinical experience. Sir i wish to immigrate to Canada and start a carrier there but i’m not sure of the scope there. Could you please help me out.
      Dr. Ashita Peters

  1. Hi sir. This is dr. Jilesh i practice in homoeopathy consultant i want to share one my case and need to your help so please reply me. I wait for your ans. Thanks

    Dr.jilesh tank. From rajkot. Gujarat india

  2. Hello Sir hope u r well. I am a homoeopathic doctor running own clinic at hometown and working for at the charitable dispensary at hometown. I am in need of a job related to my designation in canada as i want to serve the humanity. Thanks .
    From Punjab

  3. Sir I am a BHMS passed including internship and one year housestaff complited doctor from midnapore govt homoeopathic medical college and hospital…want a good job.

  4. hello sir..i want to do m.d in homoeopathy from canada or germany..can u plz suggest about the scope there in and from where should i do

  5. Sir I am Homeopathic Doctor(DHMS) from Pakistan. And running own clinic at home town since last ten years but i want to come to Canada for practice so i need yor help plz reply me i wait for your answer thanks.

    • to all homeopath doctors , there are no jobs as a homeopath in Canada or usa . however
      what one can do is to practice on your own . but you have to enter on your own as well
      there is no immigration or work visa available for homeopaths . i dont mind leaving my
      e.mail here since i do practice as a homeopath in Canada
      my e.mail homeopathcancure at hotmail.

  6. Dear Sir

    Please suggest me what are the criteria to be fulfilled if any one want to go to Canada for job in Canada in homoeopathic field.

    Dr Pattanaik

  7. Dear Sir, I have done my BHMS in 2001 and have 11 years clinical experience. Please tell me about jobs in Canada for homeopathic doctors. I can teach as well as I have taught nurses Anatomy and Physiology.


  8. Hello sir, i am M.D.homoeopath practicing homoeopathy and need a job in canada.please explain opportunity

  9. hello sir, a very good morning to u. sir, i completed my bhms in 2011,oct. at present im conducting free cams in my city. i want to do md homoeo in germany . can u plz provide me the information abt best homoeo colleges, admission criteria, fees, n how to apply for them? i would be very grateful.

  10. sir,

    i completed my BHMS degree in 2013.i wish to practice homoeopathy in canada or UK.sir can you please give me a solution to how to get a job in abroad especially europe or australia…….

  11. Respected Sir ,

    I have passed Homoeopaty degree in Chandigarh city(Pb) . I am practice in my own clinic in Ludhiana(pb).I want to setled in canada .I don’t know how to do it. Plz help me .


  12. Respted Sir

    I have passed my Degree in 1998. since that i am doing my own clinic. I have fifteen year experence. Sir now i want to seteled in canada .
    so please Sir help me


  13. respected sir,
    I am dr. Tushar dabhi ,i just pass my bhms in 2012 and i would like to do job in canada so is there any chance for me to fullfil my dream ……

  14. Respected Sir,
    I had pass out my B.H.M.S in 2009 from Gujarat, India. I want to job or study regarding homeopathy in CANADA. please give me information regarding that.


  15. i had pass out my B.H.M.S in 2009 from Gujarat, India. i want to further study or job in homoeopathy in Canada. please give me infomation regarding that.


  16. helo sir,
    i hd pass out B.H.M.S 2013 from Rajasthan,india.Now i want further study nd job in homoeopathy in canada.plz give me information regarding tht…

  17. good morning sir,
    sir i hv completed BHMS and practicing homoeopathy , also searching job in canada , can u plz help me.

    Thanks n regads
    dr deepak

  18. Hello sir my name is Dr.gunvant ahir from Surat Gujarat i want to meet u dr.anil singhal so plz sir u give me u r contact number plz sir

  19. Respected Sir, I am a homoeopathic doctor working with my own clinic in(udupi) karnataka ,india..i have 4 yr’s experience in homeopathy, so now i would like to share my experience in abroad , so please suggest me one homoeopathic job in canada…sir please contact on this number -0091-9945070108..thank u sir

  20. Dear Sir, I have done my BHMS in 2008 and have 6 years clinical experience. Please tell me about jobs in Canada for homeopathic doctors.

  21. respected sir, i am persently working in goa, having my own clinic, i would like to work abroad , will you help me sir?

  22. Homoeopathic treatment is indeed a “Sadhana” as homoeopaths,howevar,let us understand that it patients who has to be cured without any own benefit.First u have to be confident. Than u can become a true homoeopath.Do practise .dont beg for Jobs.we have to fight in this corrupts world.

  23. Hello sir I m payal prajapati completed b.h.m.s 2013 I want to job in Canada n shift in Canada please suggest me at to do

  24. Sir thank u so much for being a helping hand for so many homeopaths who wants to do something in their life. Sir after a scientific explanation of effectively of homoeopathic medicine by nanopharmacological study. Sir whether such research have produced some impact on the acceptance of of our homoeopathic science.. sir pls reply me on my email.
    Thank u sir.

    • Dear Dr. Mihir,
      Thanks for your kind words.
      Nano technology is an emerging scientific frontier where scientists are trying to find solutions in medical research to provide delivery of medicine on some specific targets in human body without interfering with other physiological and bio-chemical processes inside. As you have said, nano-pharmacological study of homeopathic medicines would definitely establish homeopathic science in this world.
      Best regards,
      Dr. Anil Singhal.

  25. Hello sir …I Radhika basically from Jammu and done BHMS degree from Ludhiana…. I want to do MD degree now from abroad germany..suggest me if I can do my higher studies there or any where else in foreign which is of value… And side by side can I set up clinic there…help me….tell me what I have to do…

  26. respected sir,
    i have completed bhms in 2011. i wish to work in canada. kindly let me know the procedure and also do let me know if there is any opportunity.

    thanking you

    dr shraddha h. palekar

  27. Sir,
    is there any scope for the post of professor in any government homoeopathic Medical college at Canada? My qualification is M.D.(Hom.) from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar,India. I also hvae adequate teaching experience as well as practice experience.Please inform me.
    Thaking you. Regards.
    Your’s faithfully,

  28. sir , my name is usha , i had completed my b.h.m.s in andhra pradesh (gudivada). i am interested to continue my further studies in canada , sir please help me how to approch and i need information sir . thank u sir

  29. Hello sir,
    I am dr.wasim
    I want to job in Canada or any other contry
    I am complete my b.h.m.s.
    And I have 14 month of experience in privet clinic at my village
    I Have also certified corse I.c.l.s.(cosmetology) and laser since

  30. Sir I am Homeopathic Doctor (BHMS) FROM INDIA.
    How can I apply for Job in Canada.
    Please reply.My contect no. +917505641711

  31. Sir m anil kumar frm himachal pradesh i m ni 4th proff iwant to do internship and i wNt to know tha scopes in abrod becuz i wnt to do job in abrod so plez sir tel me

  32. Respected sir,
    I have done my B.H.M.S. from Gujarat in 2010,I want to study further in Canada,Which courses are offered there after B.H.M.S.?,Please guide me sir

  33. hello sir
    thank you for your kind support to Homeopaths
    I am a homeopath from gujarat since last two years I am practicing Homeopathy.
    Now I want to migrate to canada..Can you please suggest me how to apply? ..please guide me sir..thank you

  34. Hello sir
    Hope you are at good health
    Sir,I wish to pursue homeopathy after 12th. I would also like to complete my studies in USA. Sir would you pls help me with its procedure
    If not in USA, then in India itself, which all examinations should I be giving to enter into a homeopathy college…

    Waiting for your kind reply
    Gurpreet kaur.

  35. Hi…sir…me kirti Patel completed my BHMS from Gujarat nd now my MD (Hom)is continue…i want to know the job opportunities in Canada after my completion of MD.
    With best regards..
    Guid me sir…

  36. Sir,

    Request you to please provide me with policies of Government of Canada on Homeopathy, scope of this line in Canada & procedure to establish my own clinic in Canada and scope of loan/grant from Various agencies

  37. Respected sir.
    I am homeopathic docter lives in pakistan .i have 4 year experience in homeopathic medicines please gaide me .where i contact for jop in canada .so please help me .
    Dr.zafran liaqat
    From pakistan
    Mob .no. 00923475658008

  38. Hello sir i am a homoeopathic doctor.i need a job.i had passed b.h.m.s.2005,so sir please give me a job.

  39. Sir,
    Am Dr. Nisha & gratuated in Sidha medicine at 2015 aug. With internship. I want job in Canada or USA…please help me sir.

  40. Hello sir i am dr.sunny shah from india. i am homopathy doctor(b.h.m.s) passed out in 2005 in hv 10 years experiance homepathy constulant. sir i wish to canada and start a carrier there but i am not sureof the scope them.can you describe the process of getting job oppertunity in canada.

  41. Dear sir,I am a homeopathy doctor. I need a job for Canada or other country plz help me sir. I have a 10yrs experience sir.

  42. Hello sir,
    I am a 3rd year student of bhms in homoeopathic college in gujrat. I want to do MD outside india. Can you give me proper guidelines should I do it or not

  43. Respected sir, plz tel me about scope of homeopathy in abroad and what are types of jobs available for homeopathic doctors in abroad.

  44. Hello sir my self Dr.parveen bhati I am completed bhms in 2012 now m working in hospital in gyne department with working in homoeopathy clinic also I want to work in caneda so plzzz give me this opportunity. Thanks

  45. Hello sir,I am a homoeopathic,I studied in Kenya with a diploma certificate ,kindly help me secure a job in Canada. Thank you in advance

  46. Sir,
    I am completed my +2 with MPC now I would like to do UG in BHMS in Canada am I eligible for that.kindly help me.

  47. Sir i m bhms doctor . I did my bhms in year2012 . Currently working in NHM . I want to do job in canada or any other European countries . Sir plz give me information how I can get job there . I will be very thankful to you

  48. Hi Sir ive completed by BHMS last year and interested to do my PG in Canada. Could you please guide me on the process for the same.

  49. Dear sir/
    I am glad to see the useful information about homoeopathy . I am a homoeopathic doctor ( DHMS-4) Now I would like to study in CANADA, so what is the process for visa and also immigration to CANADA please .
    best regard DR ZAINAB SUMBAL from PAKISTAN.

  50. Dear sir,
    I’m Dr Jeeva Jasmin BHMS, from Tamilnadu. I have finished at 2009 practicing Homeopathic health clinic till now. I need a job in Canada, can you please arrange it. Thank you sir

  51. Sir,am going housrsurgeonsy in homoeopathy.I want to practice in Canada so can you please tell me about the procedures and tests to get job there.Thank you sir


  53. Sir, I have completed my BHMS can you tell me about colleges in Canada and Germany for further studies… like MD in Homoeopathy..

  54. Hello Dr. Sachin,
    I’m homeopath(D.H.M.S)
    Passed out june 2018 .
    I’m doing housejob since 4months.

    Sir i wish to start my career in canada.
    Could you please help me out.
    Dr. Aqsa Rasheed

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