Utilities essential to keep the system in good shape

Hello, I hope this message meets you in good health & spirit. For long, I could not write to you about any event or happening at NHMC Alumni platform because of certain reasons. This year I had seen two major breakdown of my computer system where I lost nearly all my data, and each time it took much efforts to revive it back.

It is really important to take backups timely, and would like to tell you that I found following utilities essential to keep the system in good shape –

1. ZoneAlarm Firewall
2. AVG Antivirus
3. CCleaner for crap cleaning and registry maintenance

If you don’t have any experience with these softwares, please read the details before installation. You can find all these freeware at www.filehippo.com

Now, lets talk homeopathy…

This is always perplexing situation whether we need to give more emphasis to location of the disease or the person. Dr. Gyan Wadhwani says “The Site of the disease (Location), for the homoeopathic physician, is of importance only in those cases, where the pathology has advanced so much so as to obliterate the General features of the patient. When we talk about Seat of the disease, we are talking about the entire morbid constitution that is giving rise to manifestations in the form of various illnesses…”

Dr. Gyan mentioned his opinions with the help of a clinical case. Read his elaboration on the topic – http://www.spiritindia.com/health-care-news-articles-14009.html

I am sure you will appreciate the case.

With warm regards

Dr. Anil Singhal

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  1. also u can use quick heal antivirus which comes with firewall cost is very less 1000/- for a year

    for cleaning PC u can use tune up utilities


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