Homoeopathy in Public health initiatives – LIGA 2011

In homeopathic LIGA conference in 2011 in Delhi, organisers have planned one of the themes of LIGA 2011 conference “The ‘Homoeopathy in Public health initiatives” into sessions broadly divided in three categories, viz A1, A2 and A3.

A1 – Homoeopathy in Public health initiatives – LIGA 2011

In the A1 category experiences will be shared on the role of homoeopathy in epidemics and pandemics with special focus on emerging viral diseases.

Further this session is designed to promote sharing through FGDs based short oral presentations on dengue, chikangunya and swine flu from India, Brazil and Thailand.

In addition the session has poster presentations focusing on above diseases with in-depth experiences from India.

The two key oral presentations in this category are:

i) use and effectiveness of homoeopathic medicine in the contingency plan for controlling dengue fever in the city of Macae by Dr Laila Aparecida de Souza Nunes from Brazil; and,

ii) experiences from family practice based on few case profiles of swine flu, seasonal allergies, status asthmaticus etc. by Dr. Léon Scheepers from Belgium.

A2 – Homoeopathy in Public health initiatives – LIGA 2011

In category A2 all presentations are from India wherein the focus is on mother and child care through homoeopathy.

The key oral presentations include:

i) clinical experiences from pediatric practice by Dr J D Daryani; and,

ii) applying rubrics of mind in infant and children in all kinds of diseases by Dr Yogesh Sehgal.

Further, this category will have four short oral presentations based on the ongoing national campaigns on mother and child health and community based model outreach programme in mother and child care. Furthermore, this category has seven poster presentations based on the same theme.

A3 – Homoeopathy in Public health initiatives – LIGA 2011

Category A3 includes sessions on homoeopathy in public health, in general.

The three key oral presentations include:

i) implementation of Homoeopathy in Vitoria and proposals for its integration with the Primary Health Care in Brazil by Dr Ana Rita Vieira de Novaes from Brazil;

ii) tele-homoeopathy as a viable public health model to outreach the inaccessible population by Dr. Eswar Das from India; and,

iii) integrative medicine as the future of health care by Dr Vijay Kohli from India.

The 12 short oral presentations in this category are from South Africa, Germany, Lativa and India focusing on NGOs, homoeopathy in primary health care in South Africa, sustainability of homoeopathic community health worker programmes, homoeopathy in natural disasters and calamities, and tele-homoeopathy in rural India.

The four posters from India offer insights into public health initiatives through homoeopathy and practice management to promote high standards in clinical practice for better adoption in public health.

Enjoy LIGA 2011

Dr. Anil Singhal

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  1. It is an opportunity for Indian Homoeopaths & Homoeopathic students to participate in this epoch making event of LIGA Conference 2011 at New Delhi. I wish a grand success.


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