What we learned from LIGA 2011 at New Delhi?

Finally a prestigious event in Homeopathy in India is over that is 66th World Homeopathy Congress by LMHI or LIGA 2011. I am sure this will prove itself a successful event in many aspect in coming time, but right now it raises certain points which might be beneficial for organizers of upcoming homeopathic conferences.

I am high-lighting certain points and issues raised by Dr Pawan:


I am happy to share you that as most prestigious International Conference were held in Country where Homoeopathy is second number of system of medicine practiced & used by peoples of India.

I agree more than 2400 delegates including BHMS students, PG students, Doctors, Academicians, Principles of Colleges, Govt Medical officers, research officers & scientist, Overseas delegates were present to attend this conference.

Even more than 70 overseas overseas delegates were also present to attend this event.

But I have question in my mind that ‘What we learned from LIGA 2011’ ?

Did our congress was success?

If successful then what’s the criteria for judging it successful?

Reason should be excellent interaction between delegates & speaker, feedback received from homeopath in all session with good, scientific discussion ?

OR as commonly we say ‘NUMBER OF PARTICIPANT’.

If number of participant judges the success then u might be right as more than 2400 delegates were present. But really all are practicing Homeopath?

But what I observed is number of participants were BHMS students then PG students, then Principles of colleges, Homoeopathic leaders then Clinicians.

Another thing how many participants were attending the scientific sessions or E-posters?

When we say LIGA was successful then response from the participants in various hall should be seen.

What I think Conference is not just the platform for meeting our old friends, having photos with them, enjoying ‘GALA Dinner’ with beautiful dances, even though our culture goes at back foot.

I think it should be positive interaction between Delegates & Speakers, Participants & E-poster presenters.

I am surprised to see there was excellent interaction in E-poster Hall than Scientific session for Oral Speakers.

Even cases in the Poster Hall was having excellent scientific base, scientific evidences like before & after photos, video, pathological reports etc.

So there was good rush & positive interactions.

But then why rush was decreasing in Scientific session Hall from 2nd day – Delegates were busy in sight seeing, taking photos or may be ‘TOPICS in scientific session was not upto mark to attract the participants in the HALL’.

If it is the unique platform to unite all different thoughts, methods & theories together then why different schools in Homoeopathy or their main Speakers are not presenting their thoughts, works in LIGA ?

They have not invited or they are not interested?

But another thing I should appreciate that rush to Exhibition stall was good.

Many Exhibition stall was educating participants through demonstration, LCD display about their work, products & participants attending their exhibitions interestingly.

300 papers were s elected for this conference & at the last moment some paper has gone for E-poster, some gone for Oral poster. There were some poster which was not in the list but at last moment has came in the list of ‘ORAL Posters’.

Yes some papers can be exceptions but what about that papers who were absent in the seminar at last moment change of papers from E-poster to ORAL or vice versa. I don’t want to take any individual names & its my personal opinion so you please don’t mind about it.

At the last again question comes what we learned from conference I have expressed different thoughts came into my mind.

But now its your turn to think, express & share your thought but before that please go through topics, subject & papers who were divided into ORAL/Poster.

Otherwise in future some will think this conference will be of some particular group & we are not part of it.

I apologize if by mistake I hurt to anyone’s with individual name, thought but it just my thought came from my mind when I am returning to my place.

I am sure many of us would agree with many points as mentioned above. Please give your feedback in “leave a reply” section below the article.

Enjoy your best health with homeopathy.

11 thoughts on “What we learned from LIGA 2011 at New Delhi?”

  1. Yes Sir, I agree to your discussion. Although I did not attend the conference but I must share what i experienced through Online Transmission of M.L.Sickar Hall or feedback of my known delegates that somewhere it became a ‘power show’ rather than an educational get together.

  2. Sir,one thing I want to say that there is no unity in homoeopath physicians, we don’t have any asoociation on all India level.There are so many associations eg HMAI,IHO,and many other thats why our demands from govt are ignored.Sir there should be one association to which all homoeopaths must join and show how united we are.

  3. There are many other aspects which one should think about: 2400 delegates, Rs.6000.00 fees, many big sponsors. Was the money well spent? Cheap kit-bags and pen, food finishing before time, if one is lucky you could get tea/coffee., all sessions were late, no time for discussions since time was reduced to 10 mins for some speakers. An International Congress indeed? -by Indian standards.

  4. Dear Dr Ashish

    There is no any misunderstanding. I am firm, honest & confident & clear with own views & thought.
    Some presentation was really excellent. But few means not all.
    I am simple Homeopath from a small town Parbhani not bound as a employee, organizers, sponsors, Exhibitors & or any school or group.
    There are lots of thing which raise questions. When you have made review score system for selection of paper by scientific committee then it should be transparent & it should be shown to everyone on website not individually after logging into account.

    There were some papers who were not in the list 10-12 days before conference that has been came in list of Oral papers directly.
    Is it was Research paper where final result has came at last time of date of conference.
    Here is scientific paper schedule

    Here is list of paper grouped into oral/ poster

    You can tally here & question / doubt raised transparency

    So Dear Dr kindly note these are my own thought & i am firm with it.

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