Know difference between seminars, workshop, conference & congress

The 66th World Homoeopathic Congress 2011 or LIGA 2011 in India is over. As an aftermath, a debate was started “What we learned from LIGA 2011 at New Delhi?”. In response to Dr. Pawan’s letter, there are certain points clarified by Dr. Ashish. Dr. Ashish emphasized that we need to understand the type of this event.

I would say that this was my first experience of attending LMHI World Homoeopathic Congress.

Dr. Ashish replied”

I read your article on the topic ‘What we learned from LIGA 2011 at New Delhi?’. The points and questions in support of your statement was quite good and I appreciate you for this.

However I personally do not agree with you and your views as far as this congress is concerned. I have also attended several seminars, workshop, conferences and congress (not only in Homeopathy but also in other fraternity of medical science). There is a great difference between these four – SEMINARS, WORKSHOP, CONFERENCE AND CONGRESS. And those who know the difference between these four will never raise any question as far as the success of LIGA 2011, New Delhi is concerned.  I am sure.

The 66th World Homoeopathic Congress 2011, as the name suggest was definitely a congress and was not a seminar or workshop.

A congress is always a platform –of a formal meeting or an assembly of representatives for the discussion, arrangement, or promotion of some matter of common interest. The opportunities are given to the new young generation and budding people as well as the senior experienced one to share not only their views but to discuss on the theme as  well as to spread the message to the community and the world.

In the same way 66TH LMHI congress spread the message to the world that India is the centre of Homoeopathy these days with the theme of ‘HOMOEOPATHY FOR PUBLIC HEALTH’ the message was spread in the society also. We must appreciate the effort of the Organizing Committee members for their devotional work for the propagation of Homoeopathic system of Medicine not only in India but throughout the world and should feel the pain they have taken for the last few months, working day and night for the success of this congress.

And of course PG & UG students from all across the country had participated in LIGA 2011, because they were eager to learn something new from the seniors, from colleagues and wanted to share their personal views with the speakers, researchers and practitioners. Yes, some homoeopathic politicians also attended the congress and their presence added worth to this congress, I am sure. These leaders are supporting Homoeopathy and Homeopaths too, because they are fighting for us from the Government for our better future. We have elected them by casting our votes through state homoeopathic council election and they are doing their work for the benefit of homeopaths. We should develop faith on them. Due to these people only, the new generation homeopaths are getting jobs in Public sector now a days. And so we should always appreciate their effort too.

Yes you are true, some so called schools in Homoeopathy kept themselves and their  followers apart from this Mega congress, just to catch attention, but they did not succeed in their effort, instead they are the big losers. No one can help if they are not interested in sharing their personal views in front of learned people, rather they are more busy in giving lectures and earning more and more from the seminars and workshops, that we see every day. I don’t want to comment further on this. This is known to everyone.

Hope now you have more clear understanding with these views. Appreciating the effort of someone will always pay us in good sense And this was for the cause of HOMOEOPATHY and not the personal. Isn’t it?

I am sure this will prove itself a successful event in many aspect in coming time.

Enjoy your best health with homeopathy.

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  1. Dear Dr Ashish

    There is no any misunderstanding. I am firm, honest & confident & clear with own views & thought.
    Some presentation was really excellent. But few means not all.
    I am simple Homeopath from a small town Parbhani not bound as a employee, organizers, sponsors, Exhibitors & or any school or group.
    There are lots of thing which raise questions. When you have made review score system for selection of paper by scientific committee then it should be transparent & it should be shown to everyone on website not individually after logging into account.

    There were some papers who were not in the list 10-12 days before conference that has been came in list of Oral papers directly.
    Is it was Research paper where final result has came at last time of date of conference.
    Here is scientific paper schedule

    Here is list of paper grouped into oral/ poster

    You can tally here & question / doubt raised transparency

    So Dear Dr kindly note these are my own thought & i am firm with it.


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