Top 10 steps to energize yourself

It’s tough being tired all day. I feel, I have had days like this — clinic, going to college for class, driving long distances, family and other stuffs (like facebook, twitter, etc.). And, finally you find yourself tired and no energy. When you’re tired, not much seems appealing. Life is dulled, and you don’t get much accomplished.

I realized and I believe following steps are good to regain your energy back to optimum level:

1. Sleep more at night. If you’re not getting at least 7 hours of sleep, you’re probably getting too little.

2. Take stretch breaks. We sit for too long at the computer, sapping energy. Get up, stretch, every 20-25 minutes. Walk around for a minute or five. Move in any way you can — do pushups, squats, lunges, jump up and down, do a dance. Get the blood circulating.

3. Exercise regularly. A little exercise can help you to feel more energized throughout the day.

4. Cut back the caffeine, tea, coffee, coke.

5. Be less busy. Seriously, we’re too busy these days. Cut back on commitments, put space between things, allow yourself to have a slower pace. Your energy levels will thank you.

6. Focus. While most people multitask, in truth that’s mental juggling. I advocate single-tasking — it’s basically doing one thing at a time, and being fully present while doing that task. Many times, in classrooms, I find students are playing with their mobile phones, checking their sms and replying back, and they loose focus on their studies. So, focus on one thing at a time. This really transforms anything you do.

7. Hydrate. This is actually a huge factor that most people don’t realize is making them tired. Drink water throughout the day.

8. Freshen up. Sometimes a quick, cold shower can be refreshing. Or change your socks. If you’re sweaty, a fresh outfit also helps. Wash your face. You’ll feel brand-new.

9. Work on something you’re excited about. If you’re passionate about something, you’ll feel energized. If you don’t really care about your work, you’ll be dragging.

10. Work with interesting people. If you work with other people who are passionate about something, you’ll feel more excited about the work you do. It’s incredible to work with a partner or group of people who care about what they’re doing, who are fired up. If you don’t have that, seek it out. And, I find FACEBOOK is one social network where you can find one.

Enjoy your best health.

Dr Anil Singhal

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  1. your article is very good sir .actually these are very important points that we missed in our daily activities becoz we all r running for what?????????? nobody knowssss………….


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