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Forum is any online discussion group accessible through a dial-in BBS, a mailing list, or a newsgroup. A forum functions much like a bulletin board; users submit postings for all to read and discussion ensues.

Here, I am enlisting few online homeopathic forums I enjoy:

1. Homeopathy Forum – ABC Homeopathy


ABC Homeopathy started with the introduction of the remedy finder, way back in August 2001. The remedy finder began as a personal project. Initially the site was not commmercial. Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only. It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis, and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a qualified homeopath or physician. In most cases, advice posted here is not given by a medical expert. If symptoms persist, consult a medical professional.

2. Homeopathy Forums – HPathy


Hpathy.com is Homeopathy Portal. With the largest number of unique services and content, millions of users, tens of millions of page-views – Hpathy.com is the undisputed king of homeopathy in the cyber-world!

3. Homeopathy Forum – Hmedicine


Hmedicine Discussion Forums went live on April 7, 2004. You may have to register before you can post. To start viewing messages, sel ect the forum that you want to visit from the selection and read and post discussions. Hmedicine.com, Inc. is the leading online pharmacy and information site specializing in Homeopathy. Hmedicine.com, Inc. creates this site in the State of North Carolina, USA.

4. Homeopathy forum :: homeopathyandmore.com


Homeopathy and More Forum – Homeopathy forum.

5. Homeopathy Health Care Forums


Homeopathic Doctor M Akram created this forum. In addition, he provides online consultation.

Enjoy homeopathic forums.

Dr. Anil Singhal

P.S. I feel there is a need for more extensive online homeopathic forum 😐

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  1. Thanks Dr. Anil Singhal.these forums are so help full.these Five forums have impressive information .i would like to thank you that you give us a awesome knowledge.

  2. On the occasion of world Heart day wish all brothers and sisters of world shall have healthy and sounding heart.
    In my practice i found persons working sitting /standing continuously may have varicose /diastolic low B.P.The following homeo/bio medicines can give results –
    1)Crataegus-q one dose in morning
    2)Kali-phos 12x and magnesia phos 12x each 4-tabs morning and evening shall be taken for 15 Days gives wonderful result.keeps above problems in balance level.

  3. Sir,

    I am 54 years old and have been suffering from a hard and painless cyst/tumor on my forehead. Initially it was very small in size. But now it has grown to 3.0 cm.Surgeons have diagnosed it as a benign growth and recommended for surgery. But I don’t want to go for any surgery. Meanwhile I have undergone various homeo treatment but without yielding any positive result excepting that the cyst which was very hard has now become little bit softer Homeo medicines that I have already taken under Registered Practitioner are L.V.Alb.,Canghis,Calc.Fluor.,Slirrhinn,Phosphorus,Nat.Mur.,Acid Fluor.,Conium Mac.,Tub.Borium,Thuja,Baryta Carb30,Aurum Metallicum 200,Medorrhinum,etc..
    I shall remain ever grateful if you suggest the remedy.

    One of my friends have advised me to take Thiosinaminium 6x.


    Snehanshu Kar Chaudhuri


    • Dear Snehanshu Ji

      As it is benign and becoming softer, then I would advise you to please continue homeopathic medicines for cyst with your homeopathic doctor.

      I believe, your constitution, personality and temperament would be main factors besides benign growth.

      Please discuss all with your homeopathic physician.


      Dr. Anil Singhal

  4. Sir
    Thanks for your kind advice.I shall deem it a great favour if you suggest me the prescription to be followed.



  5. Is there a homeopathic forum for pet dogs? I am from India. My adopted senior non-sterilized mixed German Spitz suffers from renal and bladder calculi and has recently started having traces of bright red blood in its soft feces. It has development of cataract in both eyes. It has weak hind legs too.

    A homeopath had suggested a mix of 10-15 drops of five mother Q tinctures for calculi – Galium Aparine, Ocinum Canum, Pareira Brava, Berberis Vulgaris, and Hydranges Arborescens all to be given 2-3 times a day. For nerves she had suggested Causticum 200c daily. For bowel problems Nux Vomica 1M, and when difficulty in urinating Conium 200c.

    We also give it Neurobion Forte one tab/day, Vit A gelatin capsule, and pro and prebiotic powder all mixed in food.

    Is there no combination of the Q tinctures that we can give our dog? Like Clearstone Drops from SBL.

    I would very much appreciate guidance as there is no homeopath vet here in Lucknow.

  6. Dear Sir,
    I am Mr.Ahsan 40 years old & have a cyst in my left kidney max-45mm
    cretinine is 1.2 & urea 36

    Looking for your kind response & cooperation


  7. Dear Sir,
    I am Mr.Anjani kumar verma 33 years old & have Gal stone 3 to 11 mm in multipal. best remedies for dissolving for Gal stone if possible other wise suggest
    Thank You

  8. Sir,
    Since 10 years I am suffering from itching in body like urticaria . After Homeo. treatment last 3 years I was free from itching . Again last six months it reappears .First 2/3 months itching was on whole body , mainly on both thighs , upper hands & back of body without any rash /eruption . Homeo. treatment again continues . Now recently I am feeling same mild urticaria . Now new symptoms are , some times both Palms and both foot soles swell with intense itching and rash like urticaria appears on thighs and front and back side .

    Looking for your valuable advice .

    Regards ,

    Sudhir Saha

  9. Hello everyone.. I am 25 years old.. i took (Thuja 1M Full bottle,Kalium bichromium 1M half bottle, qurater bottle of L32 orally without dilution). cz of pan sinusitus since than i was admitted in hospital …. i lost my every thing since than its almost 1 year and 2 months, m suffering from strange sensations in my brain,nerves,entire body. i was treated with neurologist,psychiatrist,general physicians etc but my problems are still there ……………………. can any one tell me … n help me with this so i can come out of it. ????

  10. Hi, My 3 Month old kid is having problem of undecendent testicle i.e. he is not having one testicle from birth.

    what shall I do to cure this.??

  11. Sir i am suffering frm acute back pain since one year due to which i cant even sit. My MRI report indicates sacralization at L5, scoliotic deformity of lumbar spine with convexivity towards left and postrocentral disk harniation at L4 L5 causing effacement of anterior epidural fat.
    I feel that my back is stiffned like stone due to which i cant move. Kindly help me…

  12. In thousands of cases, handwriting has shown its homeopathic efficiency as a confirmatory symptom, or it pointed directly to the correct diagnosis of a remedy.

    Personality and character expresses itself in handwriting. Graphology is a study of handwriting and tells the minutest detail of one’s personality, which even the person himself is most times unaware of.

  13. Hi is pratik. Am 30 yrs old and suffering from gynecomastia since 15. Does homeopathy cure gynecomastia. And if yes then medicine?

  14. Sir, i am taking homeopathy treatment for right vocal cord palsy after hemithyrodectomy. Can i take nurozen tab and other allopathic drugs along with homeopath medicine?

  15. Hello Dr i am Dinesh 43 yrs old nowdays I keep feeling like a cold drop of water has just dripped directly onto my leg, in the same spot each time. The first time, I was 100% sure that there was a leak in my ceiling. The next few times I still found myself looking up, somewhat confusedly. It has continued to happen multiple times a day. Is this just a quirky body thing, or a known symptom of something to take slightly seriously?

  16. I am 66 years old and suffer from HCM and 70% single vessel stenosis. Besides allopathic blood pressure and beta blocker medicines I have got good response using CACTUS G 30 thrice daily for 12days.My main complaint ie exertion intolerance have somwhat subsided.How to be fully cured.Kindly advise.

  17. Is osteomyelitis curable completely in homeopathy as my 8 eight year daughter is suffering from it .As per allopathy if immune system is weak ,bacteria can attack again.


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