Influenzinum in USA – a review

In US, Influenzinum a homeopathic remedy is widely available on health stores as OTC – over the counter product. Influenzinum 9c is the only homeopathic flu product that is updated each year based on the flu strains, as updated by CDC and WHO. These strains include H1N1 also.

Every year there is influenza vaccine or influenza shots are provided as a prevention for influenza in US. Some homeopathic pharmacies in US like Boiron USA and Homeocan prepare homeopathic potencies and dilutions of influenza vaccine (influenza nosode) to have influenzinum.

Influenzinum is marketed as flu shot homeopathic alternative for the allergic flu like conditions in the season.

Specially formulated to stimulate the body’s own defense system to resist the onset of the season’s flu strains. Shown year after year to be highly effective to prevent the flu. Safe and natural, this helps the immune system, not depress it as other methods to prevent the flu.

To be taken once per week. Influenzinum 9c is the best choice as a flu preventive is marketed.

In my opinion, Influenzinum should not be taken without consulting your homeopathic doctor. Because, your symptom, your personality, combinations of different flu-like symptoms may guide a better homeopathic medicine than influenzinum homeopathic remedy.

I feel, CCRH should conduct an extensive proving and clinical verification project to make use of  influenzinum evidence based to establish evidence based homeopathy.

Enjoy your best health with safe homeopathy.

4 thoughts on “Influenzinum in USA – a review”

  1. I feel self medication should never be encouraged.


    No medicines should be taken without consulting a doctor.

    Influenzium gives beneficial results in flu and H1N1 but still to be taken under Doctor’s guidance. Susceptibility and Sensitivity of each individual is different.

    • Dear Dr Amita, Thanks for your response. You are right that Homeopathy is not a self read science. To be a qualified homeopathic doctor, one needs to have four and a half year of medical academic study and one year of medical internship. Qualified homeopathic doctor would be the right person to prescribe homeopathic medicine based on analysis of the case.

      Thanks & Regards.

  2. Dear Doctor,
    My father is copd patient and 65 years of age.He is taking inhalers everday.Can he take influenzinum as preventive nosode against flu?what would be the dosage?


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