Best Lifestyle – Aristotle’s Philosophy of Happiness – review

My lifestyle is my life and the best lifestyle is Aristotle’s Philosophy of Happiness. This book is about the meaning of our lives. The meaning of life is an existential theme to which the great ancient philosophers like Epicurus, Aristippus, Socrates, Plato and, especially Aristotle, gave much attention.

In this book the author Dr. Patrick Nyabul attempts an exposition of, and deliberates on, Aristotle’s understanding of happiness, success in life, human flourishing or happiness, as the case may be, since there are different translations of the Greek term ‘eudaimonia’ and conflicting interpretations of Aristotle’s conception of happiness in his ethical theory.

Against the inclusive doctrine of happiness, Dr. Patrick argues in support of the dominant interpretation of happiness in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, in particular, and subjects it to a critical and analytical philosophical evaluation. The upshot is that Aristotle does not advocate the inclusive interpretation of happiness; instead, he maintains the exclusive, dominant view of eudemonia. In so doing, Dr. Nyabul argues that Aristotle advocated what he should not have advocated since the life of contemplation alone is not sufficient to make us happy. However, the author Dr. Patrick Nyabul holds the inclusive view of happiness.

Dr. Patrick Nyabul is a lecturer at the Deparment of Philosophy and Religious Studies of the University of Nairobi, in Kenya. He has a long experience of teaching philosophy, especially Moral and Political Philosophy. He is a member of the Philosophical Association of Kenya (PAK) and the Editorial Board of Hekima Journal.

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