Republic Day – What is republic in me?

What is Republic? Do we understand it? If we go in history, Republic is a philosophical dialogue set in late fifth century B.C. in Athens, written around 380 B.C. by Plato. This work examines the concept of “justice” in the state and the human soul and provides a detailed description of Plato’s vision of the perfect society.

Plato (428-347 B.C.) was the son of wealthy and powerful Athenian parents. He rejected the political life that had corrupted members of his family and became a student under the famous scholar and philosopher Socrates. The Republic was written at a time when Athens was shaking itself off from its defeat by other Greek city-states in the Peloponnesian War, and when it and other city-states were negotiating the best methods of civic organization and rule.

And, eventually this word Republic is used to define a political order whose head of state is not a monarch and in modern times is usually a president.

If I apply the synopsis or the earlier meaning of republic on myself then this is justice in my state of being. And, I believe that this state of my being would create my society, state, nation, world and finally The Universe. And, Justice is the quality of being just; quality of being fair, conformity to moral rightness in action or attitude.

So, there comes a question – Am I doing justice to me? This analysis would take me to do justice to my society, to my state, to my nation, world and the universe.

Answer is I need to be happier, healthier and wealthier, and realizing that I am already a happy, healthy and wealthy person. Your healthy state of being, your lifestyle would make you a happier person, and this happy state of your being would make you a wealthier person in many aspects – being a better person, having better relationship, better friend circle and having a better society. That means a simple small unit of an individual is working towards making a better nation, that seems to be the sense of the republic.

You can send the SMS to your friends and relatives – Enjoy the republic day with happiness, health and wealth.

Enjoy the republic day in India – 26th January.

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