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The Indian Department of AYUSH (alternative systems) released a press note, on Sep. 2, suggesting use of homeopathic medicine Arsenic alba 30 one dose for three consecutive days as preventive for Swine flu. It has the approval of Director General Health Services and Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.

A group of experts was chaired by Dr. Diwan Harish Chand, vice president of governing body of CCRH.

This has come after a study by Experts of “Genus Epidemicus” (Common symptoms of suffering patients vis a vis the repetorised drug). In this study Arsenic alba covered 80% of the symptoms.

Experts recomended one dose of Arsenic 30 to be taken empty stomach in morning for 3 days. This course can be repeated every month if you have Swine Flu (H1N1 flu) cases in your area.

Recently, 4 schools – DPS Mathura Road, Frank Anthony and two other schools in the east Delhi closed till the next week. H1N1 flu or swine flu cases are continued to rise in New Delhi, capital of India. 177 people were tested positive for the H1N1 virus. This seems to be the second wave of H1N1 flu. Swine flu cases are being reported here because of the humidity in the air. The virus spreads due to moisture in the air. However, Delhi health minister Kiran Walia has said the situation is under control. The Delhi government has decided to launch fresh awareness campaign in the capital in view of the rising number of cases.

As I have started getting more equiries regarding H1N1 influenza, about homeopathic prophylaxis for H1N1 flu, one may take Ars. alb. 30 as suggested by CCRH of India.

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  1. I do not agree with the CCRH’s recommendations of Ars Alb 30 in H1N1. I have tried Oscilliococcinum 1m in Pune, the worst effected area of this infection. It gives full immunity. Moreover the Homoeopathic literature only recommends this medicine as it was used by millions in 1925 in France.The more information on this medicine pl read this medicines in Murphy’s Materia Medica.

    • IS THIS SINGLE DOSE OF Oscilliococcinum 1m ?? This will be nice of you if you can tell how many patients got protected ?? Is it prophylactic ??


    • Single-dose-cure for the current epidemic Swine flu.
      During the years 2006-2008, for the then epidemic chikungunya disease, all homoeopathic practitioners had been giving different remedies for weeks together with little relief. The undersigned is the first to declare that the homoeopathic remedy Polyporus Officinalis (otherwise called Boletus Laricis) 1000X is almost a specific for chikungunya and with this remedy, our students had been curing lakhs and lakhs of chikungunya victims in the western part of India (with just one single pill of this remedy.) (Rate of success: more than 99%.) Homoeopaths are now asking me for medicine for the present pandemic swine flu. Those who had died in hospitals with swine flu had lung failure; disease of lung that kills the patient is ‘pneumonia’. In the homoeopathy reference work HOMOEOPATHIC THERAPEUTICS by Dr. Samuel Lilienthal on page 874-875 (in the chapter PNEUMONIA) under two remedies, viz., Mercurius (the full name Merc-sol.) and Ferrum met. we find the words “epidemic pneumonia.” The two remedies were studied in the 10-volume Hering’s Materia Medica and the symptoms of the remedy Merc-sol. agrees with the symptoms of patients afflicted by swine flu. Patients who had come to me after being tested positive for swine flu were given ONLY ONE SINGLE PILL of the homoeo medicine Merc-sol-1000X, and in just an hour’s time they got complete cure and after a week when they were tested for swine flu, the result was negative. (Rate of success: 99%.) In the case of a patient who was admitted in a leading hospital in Chennai for swine flu, the attending doctors could not bring down the fever even after fourteen days of treatment. This patient heard of this circular, got Merc-sol-1000X from us by sending his son. Just took one pill and in an hour’s time the fever came down and he felt completely all right, got voluntary discharge from hospital and came straight to our office for thanking us. Only after seeing complete relief in the case of eleven swine flu victims in just one hour’s time, we are putting this in writing and in print. We do not indulge in theoretical speculations. For prevention, the same remedy Merc-sol. 1000X may be given one dose (one pill, chewable, taken any time) once a month for three months. This prevents swine flu for six months from the date of taking the first dose. No diet or other restrictions.

    • I agreed with Arsenic Alb-30. But, in homeopathy,we know it very well medicines depend on symptoms. So, in case of H1N1, medicines should be given to the people which can increase the immunity, to protect from swine flu. Remedies like, Oscilliococcinum, Merc Sol, Gelsemium. Please,Follow the materia medica.

  2. Dear Dr Singhal,

    Excellent blog with informative and relevant topics.
    Keep up the good work!

    Dr Jotireka Premraj
    South Africa

  3. Dear SIr,

    Thanks a lot for valuable information but does it these findings are based on some research specially CLinical kind of, If So than please, can you share report of that research or related literature.

    • Dear Dr Rathore, thanks visiting the blog.

      CCRH conducted the study in various centers and analyzed the data collected and then they released the information as a press release for the public to get the benefits of homeopathic medicines in prevention of swine flu.

      Well, I would suggest every person that they should consult their homeopathic physician or any homeopathic doctor nearby.

      Warm regards.

  4. A single dose of Ars. Alb. 30 either in liquid [MT] form of 3-4 drops or 4-5 globules for all the days of epidemic disease of swine flu, better in the early morning early stomach. No coffee or Tea shall be taken before or after the dose for about 2-3 hours is good dosage for effective treatment.

  5. Its good Blog on swine flue… I read and found that Arsenic Alb-30 is good and there is not side found so fat..

    Can you please advise how long the affect of Arsenic Alb-30 be there ?? or how long person who is taking are prevented from H1N1 ?


  6. Hi Docs,

    My father is 67 years of age, is heart patient as well as has asthma. Which medicine should be given to him for preventing SwineFlu without any side effect?

    Area of Residence: Varanasi,UP


  7. I am visiting rajkot this week. Which dose of medicine should I take as a preventive for swine flu?
    I am currently having a little cold also?

  8. Sir.,it’s good for people dat ars.alb30 works verywell as a genus epidemicus for swine influenza.but what it also priscribed to childs in same potency strength an friquency..???

  9. Thanks Dr Anil,

    Just for reassurance please confirm Arsencic Alba 30 does not have any side effect for heart & lung patients like my father.


  10. In Manipur also due to the death of one positive Swine flu patient, Arsenic 30 is dirtributing free of course for prevetion of Swine Fle by AYUSH Department, Govenment Of Manipur. Let me know the side effects of this Drug. Thanking you.

  11. I am manipur and i am going to delhi at AIIMS for my brother nuero operation. what should I take for prevention of SWINE FLU, as there is cases in our places. only 3 person affected by it in our city.

  12. Sir, I am going to Rajasthan for few days from 19.03.2020 as the whole nation is very much anxious about corona virus and If I take arsenic alb 30 for 3 days of 05 drops in the morning at empty stomach . will it gives a satisfactory result fror flu.


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