Influenzinum – a homeopathic medicine

As I mentioned in my analysis about H1N1 influenza and homeopathy, there was some SMS about influenzinum for swine flu or Influenza A H1N1 flu widely circulated in India last week. It created a sort of panic in public, and everyone started procuring it from homeopathic pharmacies even in USA. patients and friends started calling me to have more information on it.

After my analysis, I had some reservations to recommend this in present scenario of H1N1.

1. Drug proving of influenzinum:

Influenzinum is not proved, and we have only results of its usage in clinical cases with seasonal flu or flu-like symptoms. And every time a case reported usually treated with different preparation of influenzinum. So, which influenzinum we get in India, I am not sure.

2. Source of influenzinum preparation:

In last couple of days, I tried to get the information about it from homeopathic pharmacies, but I could not get any reply on it. This week, I shall try to contact homeopathic manufacturers, if they reveal some information on it.

In literature, we find various sources of influenzinum.

Dr. Clarke mentioned that this is a nosode of Influenza, but he has not given its method of preparation.

OA Julian wrote:

At present the biotherapic influenzinum is a specific preparation. the stock is prepared by Pasteur Institute. It is anti-grippe vaccine prepared from 2 varieties of viruses, the one being that of ordinary influenza A.P. R.- 8 and the other A – Singapore – 1, 1957, which is called Asiatic influenza. The preparation of this mixture is, 3 parts of Asiatic virus and one part of European virus. The stock contains influenza titrated 500 units of hemagglutinant per millilitre.

Guy  Berckley Stearns, M.D. mentioned in one article:

We have four types of Influenzin

– the Spanish Influenzin (the source of which I have not been able to learn),
– the Influenzin serum,
– Influenzin, antitoxin, Grippe pneumonia (which is rarely useful) and
– Influenza meningeal, furnished by Dr. Griggs of Philadelphia, who obtained this nosode from a child’s cerebrospinal fluid.

Even, we find cases where patients were treated with Influenzinum made from the sputum of an influenza patient.

OA Julian also mentioned that a homeopathic pharmacy Nelson prepares a great variety of stocks., and  the stock furnished every year according to the epidemology and its data.

Do we have latest preparation of influenzinum for this H1N1 virus?

And Reckewig also prepares influenzinum nosode from inactivated sputum of influenza patients, containing the virus.

3. Indications of influenzinum use

Dr. Clarke clearly mentioned that he used this drug in patients suffering from symptoms like influenza.

Dr. Clarke wrote “The general directions I give to my patients are these: When “colds’ appear in a family let all those who are unaffected take Ars. 3 thrice daily, and let the patients take Influ. 30 every hour or two.”

In older homeopathic journals (Homoeopathic World, Homoeopathy, Proceedings of IHA, etc.) we find reported cases treated with influenzinum, but they all had some flu-like symptoms.

Because of chronic nature of influenza, and with its extensive ramifications, and hydraheaded and ubiquitous nature, homeopathic physicians suggested for a new chronic miasm named influenza to be added into the vocabulary of chronic diseases as mentioned by Hahnemann.

4. Influenzinum and homeopathic repertories

In my search to influenzinum symptomatology, I could not find symptoms/rubric related to influenzinum in frequently used repertories. In my communication to Roger van Zandvoort, who updated his Complete Repertory in 2009, very few symptoms are added, mainly:

Mind; Sadness
Abdomen; pain; stool; during; diarrhea
Heart; Neurosis; heart
Extremities; ulcers
Extremities; ulcers; varicose
Generalities; Gonorrhea; sycosis

Knowing all these facts, in my opinion, Influenzinum should not be taken without consulting your homeopathic doctor.

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  1. Dear Dr Singhal,

    I am very happy to see your work in this area with in a sense of moral responsibility

    I concur with you that Arsenic May be the choice of remedy rather than influenzinum

    I am giving a single dose of Arsenic Alb 200 as a preventive.

    The reasons I feel are

    Panic regarding a disease
    Fear that they will get the disease – / anxiety / restlessness etc

    And also it covers the disease part
    Like cold, sneezing, fever, throat pain, body pains etc

    Both at the level of mind and body this may be one of the best suited medicine

    And even Hahnemann has never recommended to use the same nosode as a preventive because it given on such basis it will disturb the constitution – ie the habit of giving tuberculinum for tuberculosis , syphillinum for syphilis and so forth.


    Dr Ananda Kumar Pingali, MD

    • Dear,
      My little experiance -i give influenzinum 200 on vevy next day pain in rt ankle &medial aspect of sole become burnning painful which was subside on 5 th day but the old rheumatic problems solved forever.

  2. Dear Homoeopaths,

    I am sure very few have current/latest research updates and knowledge on scientific work on Influenzinum. The abstract hereunder would be a useful reference for furthering the research on H1N1 and Homoeopathy’s role.

    Antiviral activity of influenzium infectious nosode: an in vitro study

    1Siqueira, C.M., 1Costa, B., 1Amorim, A.M., 1Gonçalvez, M., 1Veiga, V.F.; 2Lyrio, C., 1Couceiro, J.N.,
    1Holandino, C. 1

    Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, + 55 21 2562 6403. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Instituto Roberto Costa,2Instituto Roberto Costa, Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro,

    Influenza viruses have been responsible for highly contagious acute respiratory illnesses, afflicting
    humans since ancient times and causing high mortality in the elderly. The influenzinum remedy, which is
    used in homeopathic medicines nowadays, is made from the influenza vaccine (Pasteur Institute). The
    purpose of the present study was to develop, for the first time, a new nosode from the infectious influenza

    A virus (H3N2) and to verify its in vitro effectiveness. This preparation is based on the technique recommended by the Brazilian homeopathic physician, Dr. Roberto Costa. The compounding of this medicine is made with the infectious virus, which is kept alive during the first steps of the dynamization procedure, making Roberto Costa’s nosode more capable of stimulating the immune system. This nosode was prepared in water and phosphate buffer saline and its virus particles were analyzed by electron microscopy, where differences could not be seen in the 1dH potency. Following this analysis, the nosode was compounded in water and its antiviral activity was analyzed on Madin Darby Canine Kidney (MDCK) epithelial cells that are used as standard cell culture for studies measuring the influenza virus infectivity.

    Based on these characteristics, the cytotoxic and the antiviral effects of the 30dH potency, were analyzed by the neutral red and immunofluorescence assays, respectively, after submitting the MDCK cells to pre and post infection treatments, with 1%, 5% and 10% of the nosode. Control experiments were developed, just treating the cells with dynamized water (30dH). The neutral red assay indicated that the nosode was not cytotoxic to MDCK cells; however, the microscopic analysis of fluorescent images showed that the nosode induced a reduction in cell fluorescence when compared to the virus control, indicating that the treatment caused a reduction in the rates of MDCK infectivity. Moreover, the nosode induced interesting alterations on cellular morphology probably due to the increase of cellular mitosis rate. Finally, the use of hemagglutination assay and the 4 MUNANA fluorogenic substrate indicate that the nosode was not able to modify the virus cell adsoportion and the virus sialidase activities, respectively. New experiments are being developed to understand how this influenzinum infectious nosode interferes with the morphology and the biochemical features of MDCK cells.

    Dr. Shivang Swaminarayan

  3. Sir,
    Iam happy I saw your well reasearched article.I never gave Influenzinum as preventive but for Chennais very Hot weather Bryonia was suitable along with Ars alb ,Ipecac(esp in children) etc as and when required.But people came with medicine name and demanded me for Influenzinum so i succcumbed to the public’s ‘knowledge’Now iam clear on this matter.
    thank you
    Dr.Rekha srinivasan

  4. dear dr singal
    excellent write up, being in PUNE i can vouch very well that the remedy coming closest to being the genus epidemicus is Gelsemium, though Rhus tox, Bryonia & Merc Sol, Pulsatilla merit mention too. Influenzium as rightly pointed out has no definate proving conducted & my very basic doubt is the very source of the remedy itself& the pharmacy making them. i wish the apex homeopathic bodies take a stand soon else the allopathic fraternity is going to take pot shots at homeopaths very soon & ridicule us.also to let you know Maharahstra Govt refused formalities to find the genus via Homeopathic Research Centres. for this fear of contagion i personally feel Aconite or Arsenic should be the remedies.we homeopaths need to be aware of the odd presentations too so that we are not too late in diagnosing or ensuing adequate treatment or even a prompt referral in case there is poor response to supposedly correct remedy

  5. Dear Dr.Singhal,

    Would like to be updated if you have any data/evidence for the following statements of yours in your H1N1 write up

    1) it is spreading like wildfire and at a rate faster than any other virus epidemic.

    2) At present, it is a very low mortality viral infection and the risk of death (in kids who have low immunity, and adults at old age especially when weakened by diabetes or other debilitating disorders) — If you look up the CDC data on this, this Novel H1N1 influenza as it is termed is different from the common place influenzas in that for some reason there dont seem to be as many deaths in people above 65 years as otherwise expected

    3) The main worry is that the next mutated form of this virus, expected within a year — is there any prediction for this time frame ?

    As regards the possible remedy for this — i think using the common rubrics that have been used for repertorisation will only through up polychrest remedies as seen — ideally individual experience with actual cases of H1N1 will help us better in suggesting remedy.

    Would like to know your thoughts on the above

  6. peoples are using penically influenzium.this not homoeopathy,as we know homoeopathy treats the symptom not disease.peoples are suffering from fear to be diseased,so we have to treat their fear.aconite, ars.alb, rhustox,gelsimium,argenticum nit. Are the medicin for this.
    After getting infection carefully collect the symptomes n select medicin.mainly on the basis of general condition,mental state,thrist,stool,tongue etc.

  7. Interestingly there are number of influenzinum preparations . As with traditional medicine, the preparations are from prior flu seasons. Some of the Influenzinums marketed by Nelson’s of London are as follows:

    1. *Influenzinum (the 1918 epidemic) *
    1. 2. Influenza virus A Asia /57
    1. 3. Influenza virus A England 42/72
    1. 4. Influenza virus B Hong Kong 5/72
    1. 5. Influenza virus A/Port Chalmers 1/73
    1. 6. Influenza virus A (Asian) 1954
    1. 7. Influenza virus B (Asian) 1954
    1. 8. Bacillus influenza 1918
    1. 9. Influenza virus Az Hong Kong 1968
    1. 10. Influenza virus Ar 1967
    1. 11. Influenza virus B
    1. 12. Influenza Co. (Combination of Az to 1918)
    1. 13. Influenza virus a1.
    Hahnemann never recommended such type of specific uses of the drug. Instead of such uses he recommended Genus Epidemics .

    As per the guidelines laid down by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in the Organon a Genus epidemics has to be found out in the specific area and it could be the best to be found out in the specific area and it could be the best prophylactic remedy.

    Source: ORGANON OF MEDICINE Aphorism 100-102

    § 100

    In investigating the totality of the symptoms of epidemic and sporadic diseases it is quite immaterial whether or not something similar has ever appeared in the world before under the same or any other name. The novelty or peculiarity of a disease of that kind makes no difference either in the mode of examining or of treating it, as the physician must any way regard to pure picture of every prevailing disease as if it were something new and unknown, and investigate it thoroughly for itself, if he desire to practice medicine in a real and radical manner, never substituting conjecture for actual observation, never taking for granted that the case of disease before him is already wholly or partially known, but always carefully examining it in all its phases; and this mode of procedure is all the more requisite in such cases, as a careful examination will show that every prevailing disease is in many respects a phenomenon of a unique character, differing vastly from all previous epidemics, to which certain names have been falsely applied – with the exception of those epidemics resulting from a contagious principle that always remains the same, such as smallpox, measles, etc.

    § 101

    It may easily happen that in the first case of an epidemic disease that presents itself to the physician’s notice he does not at once obtain a knowledge of its complete picture, as it is only by a close observation of several cases of every such collective disease that he can become conversant with the totality of its signs and symptoms. The carefully observing physician can, however, from the examination of even the first and second patients, often arrive so nearly at a knowledge of the true state as to have in his mind a characteristic portrait of it, and even to succeed in finding a suitable, homœopathically adapted remedy for it.

    § 102

    In the course of writing down the symptoms of several cases of this kind the sketch of the disease picture becomes ever more and more complete, not more spun out and verbose, but more significant (more characteristic), and including more of the peculiarities of this collective disease; on the one hand, the general symptoms (e.g., loss of appetite, sleeplessness, etc.) become precisely defined as to their peculiarities; and on the other, the more marked and special symptoms which are peculiar to but few diseases and of rarer occurrence, at least in the same combination, become prominent and constitute what is characteristic of this malady.1 All those affected with the disease prevailing at a given time have certainly contracted it from one and the same source and hence are suffering from the same disease; but the whole extent of such an epidemic disease and the totality of its symptoms (the knowledge whereof, which is essential for enabling us to choose the most suitable homœopathic remedy for this array of symptoms, is obtained by a complete survey of the morbid picture) cannot be learned from one single patient, but is only to be perfectly deduced (abstracted) and ascertained from the sufferings of several patients of different constitutions.

    1 The physician who has already, in the first cases, been able to choose a remedy approximating to the homœopathic specific, will, from the subsequence cases, be enabled either to verify the suitableness of the medicine chosen, or to discover a more appropriate, the most appropriate homœopathic remedy.

  8. I am interested in knowing what is the most appropriate homepathic medication for prevention of swine flu. From above comments it sounds like arsenicum album 200 could be used based on presenting symptoms. Would that be administered just once, and how many pellets? I looked up the remedy online and boiron sells it at the dosage of 200. Is that the preparation that you would use. thank you.

  9. Excellant work Dr. Singhal.
    In my practise, Influenzium 30 as first remedy has worked wonders for sesonal flu. I tried it in ppl with h/o flu who were in close contact with suspected H1N1, and their flu subsided the very next day.
    I would not suggest it as strong or only remedy for flu.

  10. Dear Sir,

    Concerning such endless discussion on Infleunzinum without homeopathic pathogenesy as biotherapic or Arsenicum album as homeopathic drug of choice for prevention and or treatment of Suine Flu nowadays..
    I just question sincerely and pragmaticaly if a realistic homeopathic alternative should not be prescription of PSORINUM as homeopathic nosode in accordance with its large pathogenesis regarding Hahnemann provings and confirmed later by others top homepaths of the past on MMH.
    Especialy on the treatment of organic post effects on patients suffering and on recovering of suine flu and etc…
    Pls let me know your kind opinion and follow up concerning such same matter as well…

  11. Yes dr, rightly said that gelsemium is the perfect genus epidemicus for h1n1 fir pune city. Gelsemium is a more trusted remedy than influenzinum. It gives better results than Influenzinum.

  12. Today some body suggested to take Influezinum 200 as preventive for Swine flu as you know I am from Bhubaneswar and now 9 H1N1 positive cases are already identified. I would like to seek your help how to prevent us from H1N1 virus affecting us. Is Influezinum can be taken as preventive or any thing else. Need quick response.
    Kalika Mohapatra

  13. There is chaos in Bhubaneswar.
    Panic is in the air as the H1N1 death toll rising exponentially…

    Vaccine SOLD OUT…

    Fellow citizens has no options…
    all are taking “Influenzinum”

  14. I am interested in influenzinum medicine. In Bangladesh i dont get it. Is it available in India?
    If so could you please send me the pharmaceutical’s name! I will be great full to you.

    Thank You.
    Dr. Nazmul Hasan
    BHMS(Dhaka University)

  15. Hello!

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to ask you some questions.

    I have 2 kids: 2 1/2 and 7 years old. I bought Influenzinum for them (they are not ill!!) and I want to give it to quard them from flu.

    What is your recommandation? What is the dose??

    Thank you very much for your answers.

    • Hello Kelly,

      Influenzinum 1M can be used as a single dose for prevention of flu usually in adults having no other disease condition.

      Influenzinum 200 or Influenzinum 30 can be used as preventive for flu and can be repeated for 2 or 3 days twice daily.


      • Dear Dr. Singhal,
        I am inquisitive to find out if you are related to Dr. J. N. SHINGHAL, of Quick Bed-Side Prescriber fame! The book was published by Jain Publishers, New Delhi.

        I am a retired research scientist and Plant Physiologist by profession. I am a user and Philanthrophic promoter of homeopathic medicines that gives me great satisfaction and happiness. Regards

        • Dear Dr Saxena Ji,

          First of all, I am thankful to you visiting my articles here. I am honored to have a comment from such a senior scientist and lover and promoter of homeopathy – Thank you Sir.

          Sir, I am not related to Dr Shinghal Sahib. I would say that the book he wrote is great, and I learned he was a good prescriber also.

          Thanks & Warm Regards.

      • Dear Sir,

        Is it ok if a diabetic (68 yrs old) and a 3 yrs old child take Arsenic Alb 200 as a preventive medicine of H1N1 virous.Please suggest for dosage .Thanks

  16. I would also suggest you people study the herb Eupatorium perfoliatum. This will combat the cytokine storming effects and aid your recovery. Another one to look at is Boldo which also regulates the immunity against the Cytokine storming. These pandemic type flus are nothing special other than the cytokine storming where we cannot give something that will just boost immunity otherwise this would cause an increase in cytokine.

    • Craig we use Eupatorium remedy that has been modified (dynamited and potentized) to preclude any damage from the crude material substance.

  17. Hi!

    I am from lucknow and want to know the exact potency of Influenzinum/ Gelesimum or any other medicine which you suggest as preventive vaccine for H1N1.

    Please tell the same separately for a 5 year child who catches cough and cold frequently & for healthy adults of 35 years and above upto 65 years.

  18. Influenzinum is a good medicine (nosod) for H1N1 as perventive/after disease it is useful in so many symptoms like anckle pain etc.

  19. Dr. Singhal ,Thank for your article for H1N1.

    Is it ok if i take Arsenic Alb 200 twice a day.Please also let us know whether this medicine can be given to old aged diabetic patient and 3 years old child. Its just for prevention. Kindly suggest!!

  20. Am 50 yr old.My doc suggested Ars Alb
    200 twice daily for four days as a prevention fr swine flu.can the same dose be given to a 26 year old lady also?

  21. HI,
    Can I give my kids influenzium 1M to my kids as preventive for flu season?
    How often ? Combine it with thymuline?
    Combine it with arsenic album also?

  22. for Dr. N. P. Saxena,
    dear sir,
    homeopathic recorder 1913 pdf ,eric graf van der goltz pin points biochemic treatment for fevers ,use of each salt in potency is prescribed in detail not available even in most modern day books.andre saine in 04 apr 2020 webinar arranged by american institute describes in detail management of corona.olden day homeopaths were going to root cause and then hold on discussion without prejudice,now this practice is no more rather professional rivalry overrides.example 1890 william gentry described helonias best female tonic with brights disease blood sugar frequent urination etc,william burt rather more specific.i will request read all books by ak bhatacharya of nihati west bengal most practical,i was lucky to visit few times.


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