H1N1 swine flu becoming resistant to drugs

A swine flu virus infecting a woman in Singapore mutated into a drug-resistant form virtually overnight, doctors reported in a study that they say shows the limitations of using drugs to treat influenza.

While the woman recovered, the mutation developed within 48 hours, rendering the infection increasingly resistant to the effects of Tamiflu, the main drug used to fight flu and which is known generically as oseltamivir.

“Our data indicate that oseltamivir resistance developed within two days,” Masafumi Inoue of the Agency for Science, Research and Technology in Singapore and colleagues wrote in the Emerging Infectious Diseases journal.

Homeopathy is a better alternative for h1n1 swine flu.

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  1. Dear Dr.Anil your article about N1H1 flu and Dengue is brilliant.Now a days about 15 cases of Dengue is reported in our area like Bhagalpur and Munger in Bihar. As the precaution for these disease our Hoheopath is acting his role successfully.Thanks.

  2. Thanks really for the gutsy n open discussion about this sir. my hearty wishes for useful service to the humanity. Thanks once again!


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