Dengue fever in India & Pakistan and homeopathic medicines

In this 2011 year again, numerous cases of dengue were reported in Delhi and other states of India and also in our neighboring country Pakistan. Currently, Dengue Fever is spreading in many parts of Pakistan.

Can we have some homeopathic preventive medicine for Dengue Fever?

One of my site’s visitors reported that in Pakistan, sms is circulating around suggesting a single dose of Crotalus 200 would save a person for two months.

Well, regarding the homeopathic preventive medicine for Dengue Fever, we need to have more details on symptomatology in dengue fever patients. Crotalus can be considered if there are definite presentation of bleeding episodes happened in dengue fever patients.

One can submit more symptoms below this article in reply section, and then we can analyze those symptoms and signs related to dengue fever patients in a particular region to work out some homeopathic medicine for prevention of dengue fever.

As per my experience in clinics and analysis from JT Kent’s Homeopathic Repertory, of symptoms of dengue fever, I can suggest following:

Homeopathic medicines in the beginning of Dengue Fever:

– If there is sudden onset of severe symptoms of dengue fever, consider Belladonna
– If there is slow progress of dengue fever symptoms, consider Bryonia alba

Homeopathic medicines during Dengue Fever:

– consider Arnica montana or Rhus tox, as per symptoms

Homeopathic medicines during Dengue Fever with fall of platelets count:

– consider Phosphorous as per other confirmatory symptoms

You can find more details here : Dengue fever – prevention, treatment and homeopathic medicines

5 thoughts on “Dengue fever in India & Pakistan and homeopathic medicines”

  1. Dear Dr. Singla,
    I have been prescribed a homeo medicine for Dangue fever prevention.
    The medicine name is Eupatorium Pertoliatum 1M” and the company name is “Willmar Schwabe”. and doctors claims that 4 drops in a glass of water once in a month can protect us from Dangue mosquito attack.
    My question is: Can this medicine be taken as vaccine for Dangue. and what are the side effects of this medicine.
    I look forwad to your response.

  2. Dear Nadeem

    Eupatorium Pertoliatum is one of many homeopathic medicines indicated for patients suffering from Dengue Fever and symptoms like dengue fever.

    Well, in India CCRH India is the apex homeopathic research organisation, and we do not have any guideline that Eupatorium Pertoliatum can be considered as a preventive for dengue fever.

    You must talk to your homeopathic doctor about it.

    Wishing you healthy life

    Dr Anil Singhal

  3. Dear
    Mr Nadeem
    Homoeopathic medicine can’t be use as vaccine, homoeopathic is only according to the symptom,
    H/Dr M Naseem
    Karachi Pakistan

  4. Aslam o Alikum,
    Dear All Dr’s & other peoples.
    There are Many Medicine Use in homoeopathy for Dangue fever but i Try this Medicine on Many Pationts and i am Happy because i sucess.
    Medicine Name is this: SILICEA 6x (Schwabe) 6,6,6 Tab 3 time a day.
    If any person want to Discuss me then call me. +92-333-6871347


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