High Flu Activity in US and Homeopathy

Flu (or Influenza) is widespread in 47 US states and deaths from the virus and pneumonia are slightly above the epidemic level, though some regions may begin to see fewer cases. If you are looking for a safe and reliable alternative treatment for the flu then perhaps homeopathy is for you.

As per analysis of symptoms of influenza/flu and related rubrics in various homeopathic repertories, following list mentions top homeopathic remedies for flu. The graph shows relationship of each homeopathic remedy for influenza in terms of maximum number of flu rubrics covered and maximum number of marks or grades or importance they recieve.


Homeopathic medicines for flu

Along with symptoms of flu, you may select appropriate homeeopathic medicine as per other important symptoms (mentioned by Morrison) which are unique to patient. All below mentioned homeopathic remedies are prepared from plants, herbs or mineral salts.

1. Gelsemium
Weak. Trembling.
Amel. urination. Amel. weeping.
Dull, drowsy look.
Sore, achey.
Weak; heavy, trembling limbs, especially legs.
Headache: from occiput over head with heavy eyelids. Vision disturbed before headache. Chill alternating with heat (in back).
Eyes: heavy, weak; ptosis; diplopia.
Fears heart will cease unless moves constantly.

2. Eupatorium perforatrum
Febrile states, periodic Agg. 7-9 AM.
Bones painful, as if they would break.
Pain in limbs and back.
Desires ice water despite shaking chill.
Desires cold food, ice cream, etc.
Cough: must hold chest with hands.
Cough Amel. resting on hands and knees.
Restless with the pains.
Sore eyeballs with coryza.
Hoarse in AM.

3. Chelidonium
R shoulder pain. Pain R scapula (inferior, medial angle – under): referred from gall bladder, in pnuemonia, etc.
R sided (pain, neuralgias – facial).
Agg. 4 AM & PM.
Pains Agg. touch, motion Amel. heat (except headache). Agg. lying on painful side.
Desires milk, cheese, warm food & drinks.
Knee pain.

4. Antimonium tartaricum
Thick, moist cough without expectoration.
Rattling deep in chest. Usually quite ill, in bed.
Sleepiness in most complaints (abdominal pain).
Vomiting followed by sleepiness and exhaustion.
Child wants to be carried but cries when touched.
Nausea (vomit), prostration with coldness, sleepiness.
Nausea Amel. vomiting. Inner trembling.
Pale or cyanotic face.
Desires apples, fruit.
Agg. Warmth.

5. Bryonia
Irritable. Desire to be alone and unbothered.
Agg. Least MOVEMENT.
Great dryness of mucous membranes.
Very thirsty – large amounts infrequently.
Agg. 9 PM. Amel. Pressure, lying painful side.
Constipation with large, hard, dry stool.
Gradual onset. Sleep left side.
Vertigo (sinking thru bed). Nausea, faint on rising.
Desire meat, oysters. Agg. warmth (after cold weather)
Bursting headache, left occiput to frontal to entire.
Dry, painful cough (holds chest). Lump in stomach.

6. Phosphorus
Anxiety health, for others. Fear dark, storms, alone.
Thirsty: for cold. Sleeps R side ( Agg. on L side).
Desires salt, ice cream, chocolate, sweets, cold.
Burning pains. Hunger, even at night.
Stomach pains Amel. cold drinks (til warm).
Agg. Twilight. Amel. brief sleep.
Numbness, formication tips of fingers.
URI’s go to chest. Cough Agg. laugh, temp change, etc.
Coldness of knees. Vertigo, looking up.
Constipation: long, slender stool. Laryngitis.

7. Arsenicum album
Anxiety, tremendous. Despair of recovery.
Fear disease, death, alone. Anxiety health.
Chilly. Amel. heat (burning pains). Periodicity.
Restless. Exhausted. Agg. 12-3AM.
Thirst for sips often (warm drinks). Amel. warm drinks.
Diarrhea with vomiting.
Desires fat, lemon, sour. Agg. cold drinks.
Right side coryza. Nasal obstruction with acrid discharge.
Headache, neuralgic Amel. heat; congestive, acute Amel. cold.
Dry, scaly skin. Itching without eruption.

8. Sabadilla
Hay fever/coryza: violent sneezing.
Agg. odors of flowers & garlic, open air.
Amel. warm room.
Itching nose & palate.
Lacchrymation Agg. sneezing, cough, during pain, air.
Agg. cold.
Generally Amel. open air.
Desires warm food/ warmth on sore area (throat).
Aversion onions.
Agg. periodically: every 1-2 weeks, 4 wks, same hour.
Pharyngitis with lump sensation & need to swallow:
extends from L to R; Amel. warm drinks.

9. Euphorbinum off.
Much secretion of the mucous membranes and skin with a sense of dryness. Terrible burning pains.
Internal burning in bones, at night. Pains in limbs and paralytic weakness in the joints. Slow inflammations.
Paralytic weakness in joints.
Everything appears larger than it really is.

10. Causticum
Twitch, cramps, chorea (from fright).
Neurologic disease from cold, dry wind.
Drooping eyelids.
Cough Amel. cold drinks, with incontinence, with rawness.
Difficult expectoration – must swallow.
Tenacious mucous larynx, scraping. Hoarse Agg. AM.
Soreness, rawness, (burning) pains. Enuresis.
Desire smoked meat, salt. Averse sweets.
Small joint arthritis. Tendon contractures.

11. Rhus toxicodendron
Amel. Change of position.
Agg. Still, first motion.
Amel. Continued motion.
Agg. Cold, wet.
Amel. Warmth, dry air, hot applications.
Amel. Lying on hard floor (backache).
Agg. Lifting, straining, getting wet when perspiring.
Agg. Uncovering single part: cough – hand out of covers.
Dry coated tongue with red tip.
Hives during fever.
Stiffness with desire to stretch.
Desires milk.
Pain between shoulders, swallowing.

12. Ipecacuanha
Persistent nausea (& vomiting – does not relieve).
Headache with striking nausea & vomiting.
Vomiting with clean tongue (Cina, Dig).
Sleepy after vomiting.
Respiratory troubles with excessive accumulation of mucous &/or spasm, accompanied by nausea & vomiting (asthma; retching after spasmodic cough.) Face may turn blue with cough.
Fermented stool (foamy): grass green, shiny.

13. Sanguinaria
Headache: R posterior neck (occiput) extending to forehead, over R eye.
R shoulder pain (may be L) Agg. turning in bed, night Agg. raising arm above head.
Loose cough: offensive sputa, with burning in chest.
Agg. Sunrise to set.

14. Allium cepa
Hay fever/coryza: acrid nasal discharge, bland tears Agg. warm room Amel. open air
Painful cough: tearing, stitching in larynx; grasps it.
Headache Agg. closing eyes. Nasal polyps.
Neuralgic pains as fine as a thread.
Symptoms go from L to R. Desire for raw onions.
Colic from becoming cold.

15. Aconite
History of severe fright ( with threat of death)
Vertigo, numbness, tachycardia, palpitations, flushes. faintness; worse midnight to 4 AM.
Presentiment/fear of death. Wakens from sleep with fear of death, paralyzed sensation.
Agg. cold, dry wind (headache, acutes).
Sudden acutes with anxious restlessness.
Facial paralysis from cold wind (numbness).

16. Pulsatilla
Weepy Amel. consolation. Changeable: mood, symptoms.
Agg. Heat, heat of sun, warm room.
Agg. Wetting feet.
Amel. Open air, cold (air, applications).
Thirstless ( with dry mouth). Desires cold things.
Desire/averse butter. Averse/ Agg. fat (stomach).
Uncovers feet.
Thick, bland discharges – all mucous membranes.

Enjoy flu free winter.

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