Homeopathic medicines for flu

I believe homoeopathic treatment does not depend on one drug or any particular set of drugs for curing any type of flu. As per principles of homeopathic treatment this is one fact we need to understand. As homoeopathic medicines are prescribed symptomatically, homoeopaths can successfully adapt their treatment of influenza like illnesses despite the viral … Read more

Homeopathy Arsenic 30 preventive for H1N1 flu – CCRH India

The Indian Department of AYUSH (alternative systems) released a press note, on Sep. 2, suggesting use of homeopathic medicine Arsenic alba 30 one dose for three consecutive days as preventive for Swine flu. It has the approval of Director General Health Services and Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.

Read moreHomeopathy Arsenic 30 preventive for H1N1 flu – CCRH India

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