Healthy Eating – Simple Strategies for Getting Healthy

While most people want to lose weight, get fitter, get healthier … it can be tough forming the habits. You need to eat healthily most of the time (with regular indulgences) and you need to stick to a meal plan and avoid junk food most of the time.

7 points for getting healthy with healthy eating:

1. Toss out the junk food.

Having junk food in your house or workplace makes it too hard to stick to a healthy diet. If at all possible, toss everything out that’s sugary, fatty, greasy, salty. The best strategy is not having it around. Clean out your pantry and fridge!

2. Find some healthy recipes and buy the ingredients.

There are thousands online. Find one or two to start with, easy ones that don’t take an hour to prepare, and go buy the ingredients today.

3. Stock up on healthy snacks.

When you’re hungry for a snack, what will you eat? Have healthy things to munch on at home, at work, and for the road. Fresh fruits, chopped veggies, raw nuts, dried fruits are some of my favorites.

4. Find healthy options for eating out.

Instead of eating at fast food or chain restaurants where everything is deep fried, can you find more local restaurants where there are some healthy options? Make a list, and go to those places when you go out.

5. Make water & tea your default drink.

Many people drink soda or sugar coffee drinks all day. This is not necessary for a healthy or enjoyable life. Water can become your favorite drink, and (unsweetened) tea can be very healthy.

6. Add healthy ingredients to your meals.

If you don’t want to change your entire diet, start adding some healthy stuff to your usual meals.

7. Try new ethnic foods.

Don’t look at changing your diet as a sacrifice. Think of it as a joyous adventure. Want to try going meatless a few days a week? Try some healthy dishes from India, Japan, Thailand, the Mediterranean. It can be a lot of fun, even for the whole family.

Enjoy healthy eating for getting healthy.

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