Avoid higher health insurance premiums with your healthy lifestyle

It is the high time to think whether you want to pay higher health insurance premiums on health plans of your health insurance like Medicare or Mediclaim or Esurance. I believe you can avoid paying higher health insurance premiums.

Health insurance companies are planning for charging higher insurance premiums for people with unhealthy lifestyles in the context of health care reform.

Health insurance articles in various journals are pointing out the many ethical concerns raised by the increasingly common practice of charging different rates for health insurance premiums based on one’s health behaviors (e.g., smoking) or health status indicators (e.g., BMI, blood pressure).

During this period of health care reform, citizens, politicians, and ethicists seek to answer the question: Should persons who engage in unhealthy behaviors bear the burden of the resulting costs?

I believe that all people should be held responsible for the foreseeable consequences of their voluntary actions; therefore, people who voluntarily engage in risky behaviors should be held responsible for the resulting health care costs. With this I would like to admit that we need to educate people about their best healthy lifestyle also.

In the same way, we should have incentive plans for people those are following steps to maintain their health in best form. Well, this is the debatable topic, and we can go a long way. This is sure, in near future we may face to pay more health insurance premiums on health plans.

So, take steps right now to have healthy lifestyle.

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Dr. Anil Singhal MD (Homeo)