The Anatomage Table – revolution in medical studies

I believe, this Anatomage Table should be available in all medical colleges of India. Even this is amazing and useful for clinicians and practicing physician. Medical Colleges must install Anatomage Table and with the CME programs these institutions help raising the standards of GPs.

The buzz and popularity of the Anatomage Table continues to grow. Anatomage founder and CEO, Dr. Jack Choi was invited to give a presentation at the celebrated TED 2012 Conference in Long Beach, California. On Wednesday February 29, 2012, to the delight of over 3000 of the world’s leading innovators and pioneers, Dr. Choi demonstrated the amazing visuals and the natural intuitive interface of the Anatomage Table. He spoke about his views on the future of medical education and how imaging technology will become pivotal for the next generation of students and surgeons.

The Anatomage Table provides 1-to-1 life-size visualizations of 3D anatomy based on real patient data. The Table not only complements cadaveric dissection courses but also serves as a solution for institutions with limited budgets and anatomy resources.

Users can virtually dissect skeletal tissues, muscles, and organs like never before. Bridging the gap between radiology and anatomy, it allows students to dynamically switch between volume renderings and traditional 2D radiographs.

A combination of leading software visualizations and an interactive hardware interface, the Anatomage Table is sure to become a new standard for anatomy education.

Update your knowledge with The Anatomage Table.

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