Mobile Phones in Classroom – a Necessity or a Nuisance

I have noticed a rising usage of cell phones in the class rooms. I found students playing with their mobile phones even during a serious lecture, and most of times they keep continue texting or touching their smartphones to check their SMS, missed calls or other stuffs in spite of warnings.

It is agreed that mobile phone is becoming a necessity in today’s world but might be a nuisance in the class rooms or in the premises of educational institutions. It is reported that teachers are complaining that students played with their cell-phones, listened to music and received calls in classrooms.

Mobile phones has created a skill-set in students, that is, typing without seeing the keys and screen 🙂

I believe, cell phones or smartphones can be used as teaching tools. You have many applications that you can use like Calculators, Dictionaries, Internet access, Digital cameras, etc. etc. Cell phones or smartphones today allow users to do so much more than a couple of years ago.

Nearly all of the uses can become inappropriate and undesirable in classrooms during a lecture.

I feel students should keep them off during lecture hours.

Enjoy your studies attentively.

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