X-ray – a wonderful homeopathic medicine

X-ray :: Minimum Syndrome of Maximum Value — It is one of the best remedy when the constitutional remedy fails to act or develop a proper reaction.

We prescribe X-Ray especially when we have obstinate skin diseases like Melanoma or non-suppurative recurrent eczema.

Read a small synopsis on X-ray by Prof. LM Khan :–

X-ray homeopathic medicine

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  1. Hello Sir, It is my first time i m writing to u.

    Absolutely this medicine X-Ray ia a very wonderfull drug, I have prescribed it to a elderly female for joints pain specially right sided knee joint. It did a marvellous job and 9 doses of the medicine has given her immense relief in the swelling as well as in pain.

    Thanks and Regards
    Dr. Saurabh Goel

  2. epilepsy: increased signal intensity in right hippocampus with prominnent temporal horn of right lateral ventricle s/o right mesial temporal sclerosis

    xray 30 potency prescribed

    will it cure?

    are there any other medicines for siesures due to above cause?

  3. Dear Mr. Kader, X-ray homeopathic medicine is indicated for a group of symptoms as per its proving. I think, it is difficult to say that it can protect one from the radiation of X-ray.

    Yes, it might be helpful to a patient if symptomatology matches to the proving of x-ray and who is having history of frequent or excessive exposure of X-rays.

    Please talk to your homeopathic doctor.


    • Homoeopaths of Kerala are using X ray 30 with tremendous success in dengue fevers where platelet counts are sinking. A dose of Lachesis 200 followed by x ray 30 two hourly for a period of 12 hours has shown manifold increase in platelet count and has saved many patients from the jaws of death.

  4. X-Ray 30.What an excellent remedy to”similar cures similar”. My daughter suffering after C.T. scan shows —-Hemoglobin-6.2mg%,swelling all over body ,headache with burning pain cured within 15days. thanks for its introduction in homeopathy.

  5. Want to know that is X – RAY 30 will increase Himoglobin and platelets count in disease like Myelofibrosis at age 65 years.


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