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I am sure you must be enjoying your holidays….. 🙂 (Please tell me your experiences during these holidays…) Today, I am sending you a small list of materia medica books that you must read these holidays.

1. Allen’s Keynotes – HC Allen has mentioned a synoptic review of the sel ected homeopathic medicines in this small and very useful book. Each line is considered a gem. First few lines are considered most important, telling about the personality of the person. Very precise modalities and relationship is mentioned in the last.

2. Nash’s Leaders – EB Nash has categorized medicines as per his own experience and based on some kind of relationship between the remedies, hence the remedies are not listed alphabetically. You must read the text after a small synopsis of the medicine, where he mentions his cases and experiences, a true clinical picture of homeopathic medicines in his life time.

3. Tyler’s MM – ML Tyler has given an exhaustive summary of medicine from all eminent authors like Hahnemann, Hering, Lippe, Kent, Boger, TF Allen, HC Allen, EB Nash, and others. Here you can read most important parts of descriptions from these authors at one place, so you don’t need to refer many books!

4. Kent’s Lectures – An exhaustive exposition of homeopathic medicines, collected from his delivered lectures.

5. Hahnemann’s MMP and CD – Try to read a small synopsis appended before the actual drug pathogenesis.

6. Boericke’s MM – For some of the medicines in the college syllabus that you don’t find in other books. First para of the text is really important where he emphasize the important symptoms and signs.

Well, there are more than 500 mm and therapeutic books, but above listed books will help you to build your foundations stronger in the subject.

I would like to know about the books you are reading for materia medica subject, and I will send you an updated list with my remarks.

Waiting for your feedback, comment and reply…


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  1. Ur all articles are very interesting. sir in my locality now the dengue is epidemic with the platelet go down below 70000 in almost 7 to 8 patient in out of 10. i prescribe phosphorus and crotalus morning and evening and (ars, gels, bry, rhus tox, eupatorium, baptisia) according to symptom 4 hourly interval. sir dengue is mix with typhoid in almost every case. sir give one article on dengue mix with typhoid. I have seen near about 40 cases of dengue of which i have cured 37. waiting for ur reply.
    thanking you sir

  2. Thank you Dr Nagender for your kind words. You are right that we have patients with mixed symptomatology of dengue fever and typhoid fever or malaria like. I’ll upload my experiences here in this regard.
    Warm regards
    Dr Anil Singhal

    • Yes, Dr. Williom Borrick’ Book is not available in HINDI in Books Stores or see Medical Book Stores. One More book I suggest Drug Picture( Homeopathy ka sajeev chitran) is also available.

  3. Sir one more question to ask you if there is any medicine for stammering.Sister of mine is facing this problem.Her problem increases when she takes more sugar in the form of sweets or any thing.She is facing problems in interviews.many hoemeopathy medicines we have tried but it’s not curable permanently.plz reply.wll be highly thankful to you Sir.

    • Ask your Sister to sart singing (in Bathroom even), This will stop stammering, However Homeopathy can stop Stammering as given in Materia Medica- R.K.Bafna


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