Fever : An irrtable child – Nux Vomica

Before the begining of the year 2006, you must had some resolutions for this new year…, and you must be trying hard to be in-line with those plans…, and, if you are out of sync with your targets YOU may tend to break resolutions… and laugh on youself — resolutions are made to break…

Similarly, I had certain plans for this year, and to catch one of them in time I have great pleasure in writing this message to you…
I am sending you a brief case history by our beloved mentor late Dr. ML Agrawal, and I am sure this will add some energy in our efforts to get more homeopathic nectar from our mentors.

The son of one of my colleague, aged 12 years had been suffering from fever for the last four days. Fever had been persisting at 104 degree F. Whatever remedies were given to him, whether homeopathic or allopathic, he would respond only for few hours and again, the fever would register 104 degree F.

When I attended this child, I was told that:
1. He was lying quietly without any movement.
2. He had no thirst.

I advised a dose of Gelsemium 30.

Follow up:
Even after half-an-hour, there was no result. I was told that he did not want to be disturbed at all. I was not happy with my prescription and so started observing my patient. I observed that:
1. He was lying with stiff neck and whatever he wanted to communicate he used to communicate without shaking the neck.
2. He got very irritated at the slightest noise around him. There were some guests in the other room for whom the radio had been switched on. Soon after hearing the sound of the radio, this child got irritated and ordered for turning off.

The following rubrics were analysed from Kent’s Repertory:


Well, this is a small synopsis of the case; you may read the complete one here:

An irrtable child – Nux Vomica
Please send me your valuable experiences that we can share amongst all members of the PHS family.


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