Sources of homeopathic potencies and dilutions

During earlier years of my practice in homeopathy, I wanted to get information about actual sources of mother tinctures prepared for further potencies and dilutions in homeopathy. In India, I wrote to some homeopathic pharmaceutical companies to get more information about my quarry. But, I could not get satisfactory reply from some of homoeopathic pharma companies here.

Homoeopathic pharma companies told me that they acquired back potencies for most of the dilutions from some of the reputed homoeo pharmas outside India. And, they don’t have information about who raised the first preparation and when.

I am looking for this information about sources of homeopathic potencies and dilutions, please help me to get this info. I would be thankful to you for all this support.

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  1. Most of the back potencies are being imported from Boerick and tafel, schwabbe germany.The only source for raising the potencies have to be only Mother tinctures or crudes
    I have Biochemic tissue B.P and can share my knowledge in regards to Back potency for Biochemic Tissue salts

  2. Hahnemann did not invent homeopathy: the Law of Similars was known to Hippocrates, and a remedy is mentioned in Plato’s Charmides. Preparation is therefore traditional, with ch signifying cheval-vapeur, potency or power in the archaic sense, mentioned by Simplicius, Commentary on Aristotle’s Physics. The measure is centimel, reflecting pith or frequency in a Pythagorean sense, of the illuminated potency, projected onto the chromatic scale of color-temperatures. Dilutions therefore range to the transparent. The scientific trail was picked up by Gustav Mie, who famously studied the scattering of light by colloidal(!) Particles of gold. Information reconstructed by antiquarian study.

  3. plz inform me about the range you are having in back potencies and also do let us its form and do quote us their rates 30 potency 200 potency 1m cm 10 m
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