Creating a Universe of Nehruites

It’s my pleasure writing this message to all my parent college colleagues. I found many emails of my friends, seniors and juniors, printed in “The Bulletin” – an official magazine published on the occasion “Swagatam” – an annual event of NHMC Alumni Association. I put all these emails on my special mailing list of NHMC.

During my previous messages to all of you, I noticed that certain email addresses are not functioning now, and emails are returned back…

I know many of our brethren are not computer savvy, either their email boxes are full or their free email accounts at Yahoo, MSN, etc. are deactivated now. Even I noticed some of email addresses printed in the bulletin just one month back are non-functional!

This led me to make a request to all of you (you might be one who received this email) that
– please check your emails at least once a week to keep your account functional,
– empty your inbox of unwanted emails to make more space for important newer emails.

I would like if you ever change your email id please send me an email so that I can update my email address book, and I will be in touch with you always.

If you find appropriate, you can send emails of other NHMC colleagues with whom you are in communication, so that I can add them in NHMC list, and they will also get useful information periodically. OR, you can forward the messages to them helping NHMC Alumni Association.

I am working on a module where one page of information with photograph for a “Life Member of NHMC Alumni Association” can be created and uploaded at NHMC section of Only you have to send me the receipt number of your life membership. I need to get more inputs from you. Please send me your views and suggestions in this regard. As I will be completing its development next week I will be back with more information. This is a small step towards integrating all of us from Nehru….

Bye now.

Dr. Anil Singhal
M.: 9810264825

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Dr. Anil Singhal MD (Homeo)