Central Council for Research in Homeopathy website is either hacked or under updation. MSPL INTERNET SERVICES is techanically administrating the domain I would advise some points to prevent hacking. (Now CCRH website working fine.)

It happens to many webmasters, even despite the hard work you devote to prevent this type of thing from happening. Prevention tips include keeping your site updated with the latest software and patches, keeping tabs on your log files to make sure nothing fishy’s going on, etc.

Remember that you’re not alone—hacked sites are becoming increasingly common. Getting hacked can result in your site being infected with badware (more specifically malware, one type of badware).

The first step in any case should be to contact your hosting provider, if you have one. Often times they can handle most of the technical heavy lifting for you.

In the case that you do have full control over your server, we recommend covering these four bases:

Getting your site off-line

Take your site off-line temporarily, at least until you know you’ve fixed things.*
If you can’t take it off-line, return a 503 status code to prevent it from being crawled.
In the Webmaster Tools, use the URL removal tool to remove any hacked pages or URLs from search results that may have been added. This will prevent the hacked pages from being served to users.

Damage Assessment

It’s a good idea to figure out exactly what the hacker was after.
Were they looking for sensitive information?

Did they want to gain control of your site for other purposes?

Look for any modified or uploaded files on your web server.
Check your server logs for any suspicious activity, such as failed login attempts, command history (especially as root), unknown user accounts, etc.

Determine the scope of the problem—do you have other sites that may be affected?


The absolute best thing to do here is a complete reinstall of the OS from a trusted source. It’s the only way to be completely sure you’ve removed everything the hacker may have done.

After a fresh re-installation, use the latest backup you have to restore your site. Don’t forget to make sure the backup is clean and free of hacked content too.

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Dr. Anil Singhal MD (Homeo)