Reiter’s disease treated with Nux vomica

In the recent issue of “Homeopathy” (Volume 95, Issue 2 , April 2006, Pages 103-104) from UK, under CLINICAL CASE HISTORIES, a case report on “Reiter’s disease treated with Nux vomica – by R. Gupta, and R.K. Manchanda” is accepted and published. If I get more details on this case history, I shall forward that to you.

A small abstract of the paper:

“We report the case of a 35 year-old man suffering from Reiter’s disease. He did not respond to Lycopodium or Nux vomica in medium dilutions, but did respond to Nux vomica in very high potency…”
Well, Reiter’s syndrome is the combination of three seemingly unlinked symptoms:

– an inflammatory arthritis of large joints,
– inflammation of the eyes (conjunctivitis and uveitis) and
– urethritis

It is named after Hans Reiter, a German military physician, who in 1916 described the disease in a World War I soldier who had recovered from a bout of diarrhea.

It is also known as arthritis urethritica, venereal arthritis, reactive arthritis and polyarteritis enterica.

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