Tracking lost Nehruites – non-functional emails

During my previous emails to you I noticed certain emails are returned back…  It’s actually bad that without all functioning email IDs we cannot keep this our channel so strong that EVERYONE gets timely information.

I tracked down and earmarked following Nehruites. Now onwards I have blocked their emails and no email will be sent to their email IDs to prevent any sort of spamming. It will save server’s time and other resources.

I request you to please go through this list and, if possible, you can help to get their functional emails…

With warm regards

Dr. Anil Singhal
M.: 98102-64825

List of Nehruites with non-functional emails

Dr. Alka Ahuja
Dr. Amrit Kalsi
Dr. Anil Kumari Malhotra
Dr. Anu Kapoor
Dr. Anubha Luthra
Dr. Arti Gaba
Dr. BN Wahi
Dr. Brender Sharma
Dr. Deepshikha Tata
Dr. Deepti Chawla
Dr. Jaya Gupta
Dr. Jitesh Jain
Dr. Manjari Sharma
Dr. Mukta Balchandani
Dr. Priyanka Jain
Dr. Rahul Srivastava
Dr. Ritu Juneja
Dr. Ritu Khurana
Dr. Sajneet Kaur
Dr. Savitri Devi
Dr. SC Mehta
Dr. Shikha Joshi
Dr. Shiv Dua
Dr. Shruti Datt
Dr. Shuchi Goel
Dr. ST Hasan
Dr. Surender Verma
Dr. Tushar Gupta

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