Webpage for Life Members of NHMC Alumni

Webpage for Life Members of NHMC Alumni – As I wrote earlier about a small page for Life Members of NHMC Alumni Association, we have completed its development part, and created some empty templates to give you an exact idea about the actual display of the content.

Following is the main landing page for all members:

NHMC Alumni – Life Members
Here you can notice on the left side an (alphabetical) list of life members of NHMC Alumni Association. (I am not sure who are actually registered, but, after a week, links for actual life members will be displayed.)
Some pages:

Dr. BS Johri

Dr. JPS Bakshi

Dr. RK Manchanda

Dr. Surender Verma

Dr. VK Khanna
I think this will give you a fair idea about your page.

You have to send me followings: (through email only)

1. Image of your photo
2. Approximately 100 words about your profile

Please use ONLY notepad to type the text and attach that file in your email. MS Word is not good for plain text (ascii text) because this program adds its own formatting tags in the text and takes time to remove them.

Please do not insert the text in email because certain email programs break the text after 80 characters…

Please check the text for spellings, grammar, and punctuations.

And lastly, if you can send your life member’s receipt number…..
Well, I need to have your sincere feedback in this regard…

Waiting for your response

Dr. Anil Singhal
M.: 98102-64825

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  1. This is great to share our views with the other aluminus of our college, that not just gives an assurance of being held by our roots but also makes us communication constant with our fellow doctors.

    i really appreciate the tremendous step of keeping the family of Nehru College bound together.


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