NHMC Alumnus Sticker on your car or vehicle

On 19th Dec. 2005 morning, I noticed a sticker of NHMC Alumnus (Homoeopathy Cures – NHMC Alumnus) on the front windscreen of my car. I was really happy to see this (health related) sticker on my car. Believe me this is the first such health related sticker on my vehicle. As you are aware that we cannot use ‘+’ sign or Red Cross sign on our vehicles because it is banned now in favor of Red Cross Organization.

I must appreciate the person behind its idea about the NHMC Alumnus sticker. Well, this was pasted from outside on the windscreen, now it has started becoming faded and slight dirty. I am sure next time we will get a sticker that we can paste from inside so that it can retain its colors and will remain clean for long.

“I feel proud to be a part of NHMC Alumni Association.”

I am sure you might also have enjoyed seeing this sticker on your vehicle. You can send me your further ideas, suggestions and experiences in this regard.

I shall be back soon with more stuff…


Dr. Anil Singhal
M.: 98102-64825

P.S.: I feel we should appreciate the efforts and best energy put by Drs. VK Khanna, RK Varshney, Hari Singh, Vivek Rajpal, RK Manchanda, Surender Verma, Rajesh Chawla, Manish Bhartiya, Bipin, Gyan, Sapana, and all others for making the event a grand SUCCUSS.

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