Survival of the Fittest

I would like to share some good works done by Nehruites with you. Last time, I sent a small synopsis by Dr. Rachna Khanna Singh, and this time I am sending you an understanding of a concept from Nature – “Survival of the Fittest” by Dr. Parul.

Reproduction is one of the basic characteristics of a living organism. By this mode it not only maintains its own harmony but also helps in propagation of its own kind.

In mammals, pregnancy is the hallmark of reproduction and in humans in particular a female takes 9 months to let the fetus grow in her womb so that it becomes viable and can live or can endure the circumstances outside the womb, of course still under parents love and care.

Our topic does not go beyond the limits of 9 months. What we would be dealing with is the natural termination of pregnancy i.e. spontaneous abortions of various kinds and not MTP i.e. medical termination of pregnancy and the scope of homoeopathy in this particular context.

Living beings have continued to evolve over the ages and lots of animals and races have become extinct. Only those which have been able to maintain harmony amongst and within themselves and their environment (accessory circumstances) have survived the test of time. This has been the basis of evolution. And this has been named by Charles Darwini in his work of natural history Survival of the Fittest.

So to understand concept of abortion one must agree and develop insight for this concept of survival of fittest.

Well, this is a small synopsis of her article; you may read the complete one here:


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