Kate Middleton is pregnant

The Duchess of Cambridge left a London hospital Thursday after being treated for acute morning sickness related to her pregnancy. After months of tabloid speculation, it’s official — Kate Middleton is pregnant. St. James Palace announced the news on December 3 after the Duchess was hospitalized for morning sickness.

This news is similarly hot on internet and media as it was last year in India – Aishwarya Rai Pregnant.

Questions about the highly anticipated announcement have been rolling on to internet. Here are five popular questions about Kate Middleton’s pregnancy:

1. When is Kate Middleton’s due date?
2. Is Kate Middleton having a boy or girl?
3. Will William and Kate’s child be heir to the throne?
4. Can Kate Middleton’s baby inherit the throne if it is a girl?
5. Where will William and Kate live with their baby?
etc. etc.

As no official due date for Kate Middleton has been announced, but a royal spokesperson said Kate’s pregnancy is less than 12 weeks along as of early December. Pregnancies are 40 weeks long. This puts her estimated due date in May or June of 2013. She is less than 12 weeks pregnant as of early December. Typically the baby’s gender is determined around 16-20 weeks of pregnancy.

Kate Middleton’s baby will be third in line to the throne, whether or not it is a boy or girl. First in line is Prince Charles, then Prince William, then Will & Kate’s child. At one time, boys took precedence, but due to a recent change in the rules of succession, the gender does not matter.

Kate Middleton and Prince William currently live in a two-bedroom home in Kensington Palace in London. By the time their first child is born in 2013, they will move into a grander apartment within Kensington and Prince Harry will move into their two-bedroom residence. Kensington Palace is where Princess Diana raised William and Harry.

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