Getting vitamin D is easier

Vitamin D plays an essential role in maintaining good health. It has several important functions, including helping to regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body. These substances are needed to keep bones and teeth healthy.

In winter months, insufficient amounts of vitamin D are produced in skin, and there are chances to have low levels of vitamin D in the body.

In my medical practice, I have seen many patients asking – How can I get vitamin D?

Vitamin D is largely absent from the food supply.

Vitamin D is found in large amounts in fish liver oils; cod liver oil has long been known to be an important source of vitamin D.

Fortified foods are the major dietary source of vitamin D, but the major overall source is the production of vitamin D in skin by exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet irradiation – Sun Bath.

The best source of vitamin D is sunlight on the skin. The vitamin forms under the skin in reaction to a type of ultraviolet ray called UVB. UVB rays are more powerful in the summer, and experts advise exposing the skin to regular, short periods of sun, without sunscreen, which blocks UVB rays. However, it is important to ensure that the skin does not burn.

Vitamin D is also found in a small number of foods but it is difficult to obtain enough vitamin D from diet alone.

Good sources of vitamin D include oily fish (such as salmon and sardines), eggs, cheese and meat. In many countries, all margarines and infant formula milks are fortified with vitamin D. It is also added to other foods such as breakfast cereals, soya and some dairy products, but usually only in small amounts.

Breastfed babies get their vitamin D from their mother’s breastmilk, which makes it especially important that breastfeeding women have adequate vitamin D levels of their own.

In the last, I would say that most people should be able to get all the vitamin D they need by getting enough sun and eating a healthy balanced diet.

Enjoy your best health with enriched Vitamin D naturally.

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  1. I am having Osteopenia and Doctor has suggested to take some Calcium with Vitamin D medicine (Alopathy). I would prefer to take some such Homeopathic medicine. Please suggest.

  2. hello dr anil ji mai bahut time se body pain se pareshan hu, speacialy mere foot. mai ne test karaya thaa mera d-3 kewal o.6 hi hai, mai dard se bahut dukhi hu,pls help me bze i m only 35 yrs old and i hve 3 kids.

    • Dr,sahab I am suffering from low Vitamin D. my whole body, joints and bones and muscles weakness so, please suggest me medicine for better treatment and relief. for this kindness, i shall be everpray.

  3. my father is suffering from joins problem since 2 to 3 years.and aaj kal to hip bone k upar jo backbone ka hissa hy usme dard hai kindly suggest some homeopathy medicines father is very much tensed plz help 🙁 i shall be very much thankful..

    • Sir,mai left leg me dard se paresaan huin vaastav me dard to dono pair me hota hai lekin left leg me dard bahut hi hai aur eddi me bhi dard four or five month se jada hai maine vitamin D test karwaya jisme vitamin D 12.58 aaya hai aur mere pure body ghat type hai jisko test karane per Dr. bilaten hain ki yeh Lipoma hai. Sir please is dono ka kuch uchit aur kargar ilaj batane ka kast karen isi ke wajah se mai garmi me half shirt bhi nahi pehenta huin ki log puchenge ki yeh kya hua hai kisko kiski batata chalui. Thank you sir.

  4. Hello sir meri mother ke leg me bhuat tez pain hota hai me doctor par cheak kar va ya tha to report me vitamin d ki value 4.00 hi hai. meri mother ki age 55 ki karib hai . please sir help me koi medicin ya precaution de pls help me sir pls help me


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