Mission 2012

This is the high time to make and declare your resolution/mission. I find there is difference when I use the word mission instead of resolution. Resolution is a course of action determined or decided on for the new year 2012, but mission is an inner calling to pursue an activity. I believe MISSION is stronger word to use for my statements for the year 2012.

Following are three missions I would like to have in my life:

1. Be social

It does not mean I am not social. I just want to expand the meaning of being social in my life. This should be face to face rather to be connected digitally, like through sms or email, net presense or presnt on twitter or facebook.

2. Minimise

As I want to make my life clutter-free and effort-less, I want to minimise things which I don’t need in my life.

3. Live in present

I recently realised I always remain in present time, I can not go back in my past and I can not touch the future. The time when I am there is always present. I can not change my past, but living in present would help me to create my future, so I wanted to live in present.

Well, I would like to have your views on your resolutions or your missions for 2012.

Enjoy the best time of your life.

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