10 tips to manage and prevent chronic common cold

I came across one of my FaceBook friends suffering from common cold for past one month. That friend does not want to take any allopathic medicine, and I wrote some tips to manage the common cold which was becoming chronic. Common cold for last one month means it is turning to sinusitis and you might be allergic to something.

Some management tips beyond medicine or treatment to cure common cold:

1. Drink plenty of water

2. Take plain steam to make nasal and para-nasal area clean

3. If need, do warm saline gargles also

4. Simple breathing exercise to have fresh air circulation in nostrils and sinuses areas

5. Try to identify triggering factors – it may be food, plants, cloth, perfumes, or any other thing — Try to avoid them or minimise their exposure

6. Try not to rub your eyes, nostrils, or ears

7. Use disposable tissue papers to prevent accidental spread of the disease pathogens, and wash hand frequently

8. Maintain a healthy lifestyle with adequate sleep, good nutrition and physical exercise. It may help your immune system and eventually eradicate your common cold symptoms

9. I feel emotional stress is also one factor in maintaining common cold symptoms and many research studies have proven this fact. So, try to remain happy and strees-free environments.

10. See your Alternative Medicine Physician if it is not helpful in couple of days

11 thoughts on “10 tips to manage and prevent chronic common cold”

  1. I liked the suggestions. Lingering common cold, as the name suggests, is really very common.
    Would you like to suggest any Homoeopathic medicines for recurring/continued common cold e.g. calc. phos, calc carb etc.

    I am retired Mathematics Teacher. Homoeopathy has been in our family. My father and Nana also used to prescribe homoeopathic medicines for domestic ailments to family members. I also developed interest and studied it. I also try to treat my family members with homoeopathic medicines with about 70% success rate.

    • Dear Mr. Gupta, first of all, I appreciate you for being a homeopathy fan, and secondly revealing a quite good 70% success rate in treating diseases with homeopathic medicines.

      Regarding homeopathic medicines for common cold, I would say that the only individual characteristic symptoms of a patient would guide a better homeopathic remedy.

  2. Respected sir,
    I NISHITA BHANDARI IS suffering frm regular morning time cough,cold and sneezing .and i have just completed 12TH class and this problem since frm three years. SO , slight sinus is also there. SO, CAN U HELP ME AND RECOMMENED ME THE MEDICINE .

    • Dear Nishita, I am sorry for being late in replying… Well, you must get re-evaluation done for sinuses. You can have the x-ray for sinus, and if the report is positive for sinus then you need to follow regular routines of steam inhalation, saline gargle and breathing exercises. Well, for homeopathic medicine for sinus problems, you must consult a homeopathic doctor nearby.

      Thanks & Regards.

  3. Sir,
    I Mr. Sumeet Rai suffering with common cold since from last 45 days. This problem occurs in regular interval of time, i mean whenever i used to sit for a long time in a room or during sleeping. Nose blocked, sneezing sometime. Some times i use to feel ok almost for 1-2 hours, but whenever i manage to talk or get out for somewhere else then suddenly sneezing comes out and start blocking my nose and even can’t breathe through my nasal. Sir, i have already consulted ENT specialist, Dr. prescribed me with some of his medicine but no signs of recovery. Sir, your intimation,suggestion and prescription on this problem of mine waiting curiously with a cross finger. Please help me.

    Thank you in anticipation

    Sumeet Rai

    • Dear Sumeet, I feel you might be suffering from sinus problems as per the symptoms you mentioned.

      You must get the x-ray for sinus, and if the report is positive for sinus then you need to follow regular routines of

      1. steam inhalation,
      2. saline gargle and
      3. breathing exercises.

      Well, for homeopathic medicine for sinus problems, you must consult a homeopathic doctor nearby, because the homeopathic doctor can analyse your other personality or constitutional symptoms and can prescribe a better medicine for you.

      Thanks & Regards.

  4. I am having DNS for past several years. Only moderate dry climate suit me. In other climates or using AC result in my catching cold. Nostrils do not get blocked always but sometime these do and sometimes running nose. Please advise any good homeopathic medicine which can be taken regularly.

  5. Dear Vasudevan, thanks visiting this blog.

    Please follow some general tips mentioned here to cope-up with your nasal symptoms.

    I would advise you to please contact some homeopathic doctor nearby and continue homeopathic medicines as prescribed.

    Be Happy & Healthy.

  6. Doctor i have chrnoic cold always since my childhood, all type of medicine i done but no relief. now the situation gone worst i began toi devlop symptom of ashthma frequently.
    i took medicine then it ok but next day it gone more chronic, my office collegue complain to this problem for they can also suffer.
    any changes in weather it makes it more chroni
    i cant sleep in direct fan even on summer
    cant eat rice in night even less quantity in day
    its very difficult to me

  7. Hi,
    I am suffering from cold and cough frequently…..I feel my immune system is weak. I had tried lots of medicine but it hardly works.


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