Homeopathy and yoga may cure chronic back pain sufferers

A new clinical trial again proved that yoga can provide more effective treatment for chronic lower back pain than more conventional methods, highlighting benefits of yoga in your lifestyle.

I feel, rate of lower back pain is increasing now-a-days. I find many patients especially women complaining of lower back pains. Mostly it is attributed to wrong postures and faulty life-style. Treating low back pain, I think, few effective, evidence-based treatments exist.

This new study, led by the University of York and funded by Arthritis Research UK, found that people offered a specially-designed 12-week yoga programme experienced greater improvements in back function and more confidence in performing everyday tasks than those offered conventional forms of GP care.

Yoga can provide both short and long-term benefits to those suffering from chronic or recurrent back pain, along with certain homeopathic medicines without any serious side-effects as compared to allopathic pain-killers.

I think, we need to have non-drug therapies that sufferers can utilise in their own home. And, for this, we need to advise our patients about yoga and posture maintenance.

This clinical trial showed that there was more reduction in pain in the yoga group than the usual care group.

The yoga offers poses for pain-relief and mental calming; mobilising, stretching, strengthening and relaxation; improving awareness of posture; education about how a healthy back functions; and positive mental focus.

Yoga aims to treat the whole person – not just the physical, as in Homeopathy.

4 thoughts on “Homeopathy and yoga may cure chronic back pain sufferers”

  1. You have given right information and technique to relief chronic lower back pain. As a back pain patient I have tried so many steps to cure my problem but I am unable to cure permanent. After reading your article I have decided to follow your step. Anyway thanks for it.

  2. it is v nice article/information
    if permitted to comment,
    1-take a break from sitting on chair after each 1/2 hour–to save the back
    2-acupuncture is also v good,effective in treating bach aches and i strongly recommend any/all non drugs/non surgical measures to try before opting for back surgery ,which is not always safe and effective as much as told by surgeons
    Physician & Acupuncturist


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