Diabetes and hypertension – twin epidemic in India

Our living style is impacting our health, especially who are living in urban areas. With increasing urbanisation lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension are becoming an epidemic. The Sanofi SITE (Screening India’s Twin Epidemic) study screened 16,000 patients in over 800 medical centres in eight states in India. I hope that this study provides medical professionals with valuable insights on the twin epidemics.

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HIV and Homeopathy

As per data from the AIDS Epidemic Update there are more people living with HIV than ever before as people are living longer due to the beneficial effects of antiretroviral therapy and population growth. However the number of AIDS-related deaths has declined by over 10% over the past five years as more people gained to access to the life saving treatment. UNAIDS and WHO estimate that since the availability of effective treatment in 1996, some 2.9 million lives have been saved.

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