Homeopathy as your mode of treatment

Homeopathy is fast becoming the medicine of choice in families.More and more people are selecting Homeopathy as a safer mode of treatment for their ailments. There are good number of reasons to choose it.

1) Homeopathy has no side effects. If we compare it with allopathy, use of almost all allopathic drugs lead to some kind of adverse reactions and side-effects.

2) Homeopathy is an approved system of treatment in India under AYUSH and also approved by the US FDA in America.

3) Homeopathy has a reputation for being used by the privileged and famous: The English royal family, the Beatles, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, John D Rockefeller, Dizzy Gillespie, Daniel Webster and many American presidents.

4) Homeopathy is gentle, safe and can not even interfere with presently taken medications.

5) Homeopathy works on all age group – infants, children, adults and elderly

6) Homeopathy has a following through the world including Europe, India, South America and is now gaining acceptance in the US again.

7) Homeopathy works in acute and chronic health conditions.

8) Homeopathy treats the whole person, not the disease patient seeks the treatment. This allows corresponding and seemingly unrelated issues to go-away.

9) Homoeopathy is the ray of hope for so many medical conditions where you do not find medicines in allopathy like Austism, ADHD, Influenza like conditions – SARS, H1N1, Dengue fever, etc. etc. (added by Dr. Noor Habib from Pakistan – Facebook)

10) Homoeopathy is a durgun rahit chikitsa paddhati. Isme asadhya aur jatil rogon ka ilaz bilkul easy hai. (In Hindi, added by Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh from Uttar Pradesh – Facebook)

11) For a personalised approach to good health, without disturbing the body’s inherit tendency to stay in a state of balance / well being is HOMOEOPATHY. To save yourself from an endless journey into chemicals with both effects and side effects, and the never ending story of disturbed equilibrium of both mind and body, you must take help of homeopathic medicines for your ailments. (added by Dr. Juhi Gupta – Facebook)

There are many more points we can mention here. If you have some thing more in your mind, please write them here.

Enjoy your best health with homeopathy.

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