21st Century Medicine and Hahnemann’s Homeopathy

I am writing some of my thoughts related to a man who has given this world a new vision treating suffering mankind in a very gentle and harmless way against the torture-some way of treatment therapies of his time. Probably, you are right in your estimate – I am talking about Dr. Hahnemann who placed a foundation of therapeutic system in the later part of 18th century – a new way of treatment – called Homeopathy.

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LIGA 2011 papers from US

Just after 28 days, that is, from Dec 1, 2011, we have International homeopathic mega event in New Delhi, India. There are going to be nearly 200 scientific papers. As per speakers list of LIGA 2011 conference, I would like to attend the deliberations by 3 speakers from US.

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Expert Systems in Homeopathic Softwares

System is an organization of functionally interactive units for the achievement of a common goal. All systems have inputs, outputs, and feedback, and maintain a basic level of equilibrium. For example, in the human body the heart functions to support the circulatory system, which is vital to the survival of the entire body.

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Dr. Anil Singhal MD (Homeo)