Money corrupts politics – Lawrence Lessig and Anna Hazare

I just saw a youtube talk delivered by Lawrence Lessig at Google plex. Larry Lessig is talking about what Anna Hazare is talking in India about corrupting influence of money on politics & corruption. I feel everyone should watch this video on the corrupting influence of money on government and policy makers. It is equally applicable to India as to America or US or USA.

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Arundhati Roy, Aruna Roy slammed Anna Hazare on JanLokPal Bill

First of all, I would like to accept that whatever I am going to say here it is a very small and limited knowledge I have about our existing government and law system. In last 25 years of my life after the college days, I had certain mixed experiences of our system. As per my understanding, our laws and regulations are well made but we do not have will to follow and implement them properly.

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Dr. Anil Singhal MD (Homeo)