Can I be a seed in my life like Anna Hazare?

In the morning today, I watched the impressive speech given by Anna Hazare telecast from RajGhat, New Delhi, regarding his protest against the corruption and protest against the action by the Delhi Police to remove the unarmed sleeping people and Baba RamDev on 5th June, 2011.

In the morning, when Anna Hazare was talking about his calling, his life’s mission, he compared himself with a corn seed which gives rise to a crop of “Bhutta” having multiple corn seeds on it. One seed has to dedicate the life by merging with soil underneath the earth.

This statement had an impact on me. I analysed “WHY I AM HERE”

Can I be a seed in my life like Anna Hazare?

In general, I am a general physician .. .. can I help suffering mankind at large being Anna Hazare in my life ..

I am a homeopathic physician .. .. can I help people with homeopathy approach being like Anna Hazare ..

.. how can I be a seed like Anna Hazare so that a crop of better homeopathic doctors are prepared …

How can I be a Anna Hazare in my life…

I want to be a seed like Anna Hazare..

6 thoughts on “Can I be a seed in my life like Anna Hazare?”

  1. It is difficult to practice rational Homoeopathy in the spirit of Anna Hazare. To be a good Homoeopath you need to be vigilant,inquisitive,quick and discontented..His character can be an ideal and fit for higher purpose of life. He needs lot of support.You will also need Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi on your right and left.

    • Dear Dr Johri Sahib, I thank you so much for your kind comment.

      You are right saying that “To be a good Homoeopath you need to be vigilant, inquisitive, quick and discontented in a way to explore ways to be a better homeopathic physician”.

      I believe when one starts working for the humanity people finds you, for en example be it Mahatma Gandhi or Mother Teresa, and more.

      In my earlier days of profession, I joined Dr JPS Bakshi who was working with Dr Kiran Bedi in Navjyoti Clinics for de-addiction in Delhi. I had seen similar support to Kiran Bedi for her first initiative towards this rehabilitation. Kiran Bedi was appreciated for this work worldwide.

  2. Mr. Anna is fighting against own people. This is even more tougher than Gandhiji fighting against British. Sonia is mother of all corrupt politicians. That is the reason Most Corrupt people of country belongs to congressmen. BJP/RSS is not very behind. They are very opportunistics. they never agitated for corruption because this will attarct votes for themselves. Yes they can vouch from RAM MNADIR which is not going to provide us ROTI,KAPDA AUR MAKAN to AAM AADMAI. Digvijay,Sibbal,Chidambaram all should learn from NITISH KUMAR.

    But Annaji,for this noble cause,Next generation onwards will worship as GOD if you become successful in implementing equitable LOKPAL Bill.

    We are with you. Keep it continue.

  3. i m anthony 19 yers may b no one have that guts who can b like sir anna !!!
    even i m also trin to help him! but the result till now in nill! sir !


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