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  1. Amit kumar gupta : Sir please help me.sir my dream is do job in the canada.i wi
  2. Anjali : Sir,am going housrsurgeonsy in homoeopathy.I want to practic
  3. shekhar Magundnawar : Dear sir My age 41 M MY REPORT IS FOLLOWING, PLEASE COMME
  6. Dr. Jeeva Jasmin : Dear sir, I'm Dr Jeeva Jasmin BHMS, from Ta
  7. Suhas suryavanshi : Dear sir, My dad report is as below. Hdl 43 Ldl 127 Tot
  8. Dr. Anil Singhal, MD (Homeo) : Dear Saj, I would advise you to meet a homeopathic doctor ne
  9. Dr. Anil Singhal, MD (Homeo) : Dear Vandana,I would advise you to please meet a homeopa
  10. Dr. Anil Singhal, MD (Homeo) : Dear Mori,Your reports about values related to lipid pro
  11. Mori : I am 60 years oldTotal chol 184 Ldl 77 Hdl 80 Trigly
  12. PADMA : I am a patient from US with post menopausal issue, would you
  13. ZAINAB SUMBAL : Dear sir/ I am glad to see the useful information about hom
  14. Arvind : Which time eating.for gain wait ??
  15. Ellechim : Total Cholesterol 273TRIGLYCERIDES 67HDL CHOLESTEROL
  16. Dr.tapas ghosh : I am Dr T.K.Ghosh,M.D.(Hom) Want practice & Research Ho
  17. Jennie page : My HDL 98 LDL 134 TRIA 113 TOTAL 254 DIRECT LDL 109 IS
  18. Monica : Hi Sir ive completed by BHMS last year and interested to do
  19. Lilian O. Sidamon : I am 42 y o Cholesterol level 239.35 FBS 104.67 Trigly 79
  20. dr jaivardhan raghuvanshi : Sir i m bhms doctor . I did my bhms in year2012 . Currently
  21. Gary : Paleo diet!
  22. Raj Kumar : Have you cured any case of foot drop as a result of head inj
  23. R.sonia : Sir, I am completed my +2 with MPC now I would like to do U
  24. yogendra kumar : I am 46yr old male with: Cholesterol – 225 Trigylcerides
  25. Madhu : Sir i am suffering frm acute back pain since one year due to
  26. Arjun yadav : Hello sir.. I am arjun yadav, i have used daily gur and chn
  27. Aliya : sir i want to ask is md in homoeo from germany is valid in
  28. Mary Auma Onyango : Hello sir,I am a homoeopathic,I studied in Kenya with a dipl
  29. Parveen bhati : Hello sir my self Dr.parveen bhati I am completed bhms in 20
  30. Dr. Ramesh Ahire : Respected sir, plz tel me about scope of homeopathy in abroa
  31. krishna gohil : Hello sir, I am a 3rd year student of bhms in homoeopathic
  32. Freda : Concern for the first time ever my total cholesterol 230 hdl
  33. A.Mahendran : Dear sir,I am a homeopathy doctor. I need a job for Canada o
  34. Sanjay Kumar : Hi, My 3 Month old kid is having problem of undecendent test
  35. Dr. Sunny Y Shah : Hello sir i am dr.sunny shah from india. i am homopathy doc
  36. Norma : My husband is a 46yr old male with: Cholesterol - 225 Trig
  37. Nisha : Sir, Am Dr. Nisha & gratuated in Sidha medicine at 2015
  38. kinjal patel : Hi sir , I had done my graduation in homoeopathy in India. M
  39. kinjal patel : Sir , I want to ask you that I have done my bachelor in homo
  40. Mohit Sahni : Hello, Myself Mohit, I am 27 year old and currently I am
  41. Juveriya Azhar : Hello sir, I used to eat a lot of roasted chana and because
  42. Dr. Anil Singhal, MD (Homeo) : Dear Sandeep,If you have high cholesterol levels earlier
  43. sandeep : i had my cholestrol level checked during dengue fever.should
  44. Shikha Choudhary : Sir.. I need to know what treatment do you recommend for an
  45. Sagayamary Nadar : Hi, I am suffering from cold and cough frequently.....I fe
  46. Ajit mahadeo dange. : Hello sir i am a homoeopathic doctor.i need a job.i had pass
  47. Shambhu Kumar : Dear doctor sir my age is 32 years and my investigation repo
  48. zafran liaqat : Respected sir. I am homeopathic docter lives in pakistan .i
  49. krishna reddy : Dr,sahab I am suffering from low Vitamin D. my whole body, j
  50. jaya relwani : plS ANSWER MY QUES
  51. jaya relwani : simply, the best
  52. jaya relwani : good
  53. jaya relwani : i am a 32 year married boy and from the age 10 i have the d
  54. gagandeep kaur : hi, i m 26 six old and i m two months pregnant.could i ha
  55. Sneha Patil : Respected sir is thr any opportunities of online admission o
  56. Sneha Patil : Sir .....myself Dr Sneha. .I had completed bhms.i wnt to do
  57. Siddiq : Dear doc, it was a pleasure visiting your blog. I'm interes
  58. miter sain : Deer doctor my age 38 year myTriglisride 259 HDL
  59. saki : how can i download radar 10 software for my pc for free. ?
  60. Dr.Ashita Peters : Hello Dr.Sachin, I'm a homeopath (B.H.M.S) passed out in 20
  61. hatham : hello I am looking for anatomage table . could you help me
  62. kiran : i want your address.please leave your cell no.........
  63. Dr. kanchan shukla : Hi what's going on can you help me for job
  64. Dr. kanchan shukla : Any reply from Canada or not
  65. vishal : Dear mrs. Timmy,You should take papaya shake & u ca
  66. Piyush Panchal : I want to job in canada I m bhms doctor
  67. Fenpruss : Awesome pics, Lee!Just a question, what is the aavgere numbe
  68. Nelje : Sign Language is a true language that has its own syantx and
  69. Joshua : Hi, I would like to do a hcg program,I am aware of the proot
  70. Himanshu Bhatt : We are representing Anatomage in India since 2013. Still str
  71. Anita : Is it safe to take hcg diet nd injections. .....nd will weig
  72. Gary main : Hi there ,my name is Gary Ive just done a fasting cholestro
  74. Mehboob ali : Dear sabah first dont skip breakfast. Avoid much oil food. D
  75. Chitrangda thakur : Hello sir ... I'm studying homoeopathy al (UG) .. I want to
  76. Nadeem : Ì have a pain in back bone
  77. nafees ahmad : Sir I am leprosy patient need Dr dhurba chakrovaty address a
  78. r.sowrirajan : Dear colostral level is. Uric acid 7.2 Total colo
  79. Yeny : Hi Doctor,My cholesterol total: 224, my HDL is 43, LDL i
  80. deepa salian : I am 23yr old and my height is 4.9 whether my height will in
  82. Priya : Hello gd evening sir, Iam priyanka Iam homeopathic professio
  83. Ms. Scherelyn : I am very new to homeopathics. I am concerned about taking a
  84. Kulbhushan Seth : Sir,Request you to please provide me with policies of G
  85. G.L. Kochhar : Kindly advise me if eating of Black Grams(Kala Chan) will he
  86. G.L.Kochhar : I am 65 years old man.I am having the problem of Frequent Ur
  87. bssnaidu : X ray 200 followed Success in dengue
  88. dr.kirti patel : kirti Patel completed my BHMS from Gujarat nd
  89. Heather Ferman : Hello: I live in the USA and I am looking for a Homeopathic
  90. Heather Ferman : Hello: I live in the USA I am trying to get intouch with Dr.
  91. drmohan : for leucopenia
  92. Satish Mittal : Hello Doctor I am 41 years. I am suffering from back ache a
  93. Zaved : My age 27year my s.triglycerides(208) vldl(40.5)so please te
  94. Anjani Kumar Sinha : Kindly give me no of good homeopatic doctor patna
  95. Sharad Chauhan : Hi Doctor,Have a 4 year old boy with ASD. he does not r
  96. Keshav : Hi,My age is 24 years and my height is 5'7" with only 57
  97. vivek : sir father aged 68 diabitic on insulin presently suffe
  98. ashish : sir m ashish i want ask how much can we have gur in day or
  99. preeti : hello sir i want to loose my weight.. iam hungry n that tim
  100. dalip kumar : Hello Doctor! mera naam dalip kumar hai, mera beta joki 5 y
  101. Gurpreet kaur : Hello sir Hope you are at good health Sir,I wish to pursu
  102. drnilesh : I want to join with u in canada i hv done bhms md emergency
  103. S. Malhotra : Dear sir My age is 45 yr. My Hdl....(34.8) Vldl...(50.9
  104. Dr Upendra Dhar Dwivedi : I am Homeopathic professional completed BHMS in 2002 ( More
  105. uvaidulala akhtar : Sir i an suffering from hyperacidity please suggest a regime
  106. S K RAY : Dear Dr. Singhal,The article is very informative indeed.
  107. Hare Ram Pathak : Hi Doctor,Have a 3.5 year old boy with ASD. He has some
  108. Titas shil : hello sir I am 21 years old. I am a skinny boy so, kindly te
  109. Iqneet kaur : High level protein in blood
  110. husen : Dear and Respected Dr. I have Dr.Willmar Schwabe India pvt.
  111. pallavi srivastav : Sir,can you suggest me medicine for ITP(immune thrombocytoph
  112. dr nalini : Pls sir call me need a job
  113. dr nalini : Sir I had done my bhms just tell me how to enroll for German
  114. Neha Jaiswal : My age is 21. My bp is low 90/60. will roasted channa will b
  115. Kalindi : hello sir thank you for your kind support to Homeopaths I am
  116. j.saxena : in an endeavour to reduce weight,i got rid off visceral fat.
  117. Mehboob shaikh : I am suffering from deficiency of Vitamin d3 please suggest
  118. Saj : Dear Sir,After reading your post, i have hope and faith
  119. Dr Manisha : Respected sir, I have done my B.H.M.S. from Gujarat in 2010
  120. mdqasim : sir HIV positive kabhi negative ho sakta hai
  121. parul : Hi,could you please help us with the medicine for impro
  122. dr karamjeet : Sir m dubai m set hona chahati hu or homo ke pra kerna chati
  123. vandana : Dear sir, hi i vandana & i am suffering from kidney sto
  124. Anil kumar : Sir m anil kumar frm himachal pradesh i m ni 4th proff iwant
  125. Dr. Amit Mishra : Sir I am Homeopathic Doctor (BHMS) FROM INDIA. How can I ap
  126. Mohit : Doctor Sahib,After eating Bhuna Channa or roasted channa
  127. dr.prasad : hiii sir i want join in canada homoeopathic p
  128. wasim hingora : Hello sir, I am dr.wasim I want to job in Canada or an
  129. Dr.Neha : Can you please describ the process of getting job in canada?
  130. usha : sir , my name is usha , i had completed my b.h.m.s in andhra
  131. muhammad ashraf : i want b h m s homeu pathic free course at yours
  132. Lulu Duva : Nice post. I used to be checking continuously this weblog an
  133. yuvraj : i am eating brown chana every day at morning 7 am it can inc
  134. Dr. H.S.Rath : Sir, is there any scope for the post of professor in any go
  135. Dr Shraddha H.Palekar. : respected sir, i have completed bhms in
  136. sharanjit : high blood puressure
  137. Radhika sharma : Hello sir ...I Radhika basically from Jammu and done BHMS de
  138. Ganesh Kumar : What r the key benefits of eating gram in daily Morning?
  139. Rajnish : respected sir, I'm rajnish from Jammu nd my age is 19 yrs .
  140. safita siddiqui : Use of x-rays in homeopathy? plz give me ans sir
  141. sankar lal chakrabarti : My 4 yrs son have some symptoms of autism
  142. khan : Hello I had completed Bhms in 2010. Want To work in German
  143. Dr. Anil Singhal, MD (Homeo) : Dear Manoj, I feel loosing 15kg in 3 months is possible, but
  144. Dr. Anil Singhal, MD (Homeo) : Dear Dr. Mihir, Thanks for your kind words. Nano technolog
  145. Dr. Anil Singhal, MD (Homeo) : Dear Rashmi, First, you must recover from your present acut
  146. rashmi soni : Sir i m 55 years old and suffering from chronic bronchial as
  147. Dr.Mihir : Sir thank u so much for being a helping hand for so many hom
  148. manoj shukla : my weight is 85 kg and i want loose my weight 15kg in 3 mobt
  149. LOUIS : my son 13 years of age is suffering from acute sinus since 5
  150. sujoychakraborty : sir I am a BHMS Dr from kolkata now I doing job in health in
  151. vikash : influenzinum is nossod so isn't preventive medicine of swine
  152. vikash : arsenic alb 30 or influenzinum 200 is preventive medicine of
  153. suraj khagokpam : I am manipur and i am going to delhi at AIIMS for my brother
  154. H.Rajendra Singh : In Manipur also due to the death of one positive Swine flu
  155. probhat : Can one take R-88 (Dr. Reckeweg,German)as a preventive for s
  156. jyoti sharma : Pl. let me know the cure for diabetes 2 in homeopathy.
  157. jyoti sharma : pl. let me know if homoeopathy has the cure for diabetes 2.
  158. Rohit Singh : Thanks Dr Anil,Just for reassurance please confirm Arsen
  159. dr jignesh rupareliya : Sir.,it's good for people dat ars.alb30 works verywell as a
  160. L.Premjit : I have gone through your comment sir n accept you. I want to
  161. sunil upadhyay : Hello Sir May I know the dose for influezinum 200My age
  162. Dr. Anil Singhal, MD (Homeo) : Dear Sanjeev, thanks for your kind words. If swine flu is p
  163. Dr. Anil Singhal, MD (Homeo) : Arsenic alb. 30 - 4 pills twice daily for 5 days.
  164. jacob : I am visiting rajkot this week. Which dose of medicine shoul
  165. Rohit Singh : Hi Docs,My father is 67 years of age, is heart patient a
  166. Sanjeev Tiwari : Its good Blog on swine flue... I read and found that Arsenic
  167. Dr. Anil Singhal, MD (Homeo) : Thanks Dr. Sujata. I am happy this article helped you about
  168. dr. sujata balakrishna : Thank u sir,now i am more confident to give arsenic alb as h
  169. NIKHILESH KUMAR : My 8 year old son is blind studies in class 2. he read &
  170. Arvind Gupta : Good evening Dr. sahib, my son aged 21 got renal transplant
  171. ramakrishna : please give me your address and mobile of my friend i
  172. Manoj kalra : Pls. advice about Homeopathic medicines for adults and child
  173. Dr. Anil Singhal, MD (Homeo) : It is Arsenic alb. 30 – 4 pills 2 times for 3 days.
  174. Dr. Anil Singhal, MD (Homeo) : Mr. Lalit, we have noticed no side effect of this medicine a
  175. Dr. Anil Singhal, MD (Homeo) : Thanks for your kind words Dr. Vishwakarma ji.
  176. Lalit : Is there any side effect of this medicine????Regards, L
  177. Dr. Anil Singhal, MD (Homeo) : It is Arsenic alb. 30 - 4 pills 2 times for 3 days.
  178. Dr. Anil Singhal, MD (Homeo) : True Dr. Deb. Arsenic album is worked out as Genus Epidemicu
  179. Dr. Anil Singhal, MD (Homeo) : Dear Mr. Bharat ji, please meet some homeopathic doctor near
  180. Dr. Anil Singhal, MD (Homeo) : Thankyou Mr. Surinder Ji.
  181. Dr. Anil Singhal, MD (Homeo) : Yes Ankit.
  182. Ankit : Is Arsenic Alb-30 ..single dose is safe in 4 months Pregnenc
  183. surinder kumar : thank u dr. sahib for guiding people logically.
  184. bharat lal jaiswal : Sir,mai left leg me dard se paresaan huin vaastav me dard to
  185. Dr. Priyangshu Deb : I agreed with Arsenic Alb-30. But, in homeopathy,we know it
  186. Sukhmani : Pls let me know dose of arsenic album , 200 or 30 for 65 and
  187. Sukhmani : Please let me know if arsenic album 200 or 30 , single dose
  188. Dr. V. Krishnaamurthy : Single-dose-cure for the current epidemic Swine flu. Durin
  189. prakash vishwakarma,BHMS : Dr.Anil singhal sir, I visited ur.sight and very useful abo
  190. Vineet R. : I think no medicine is invented as of now to eliminate HIV c
  191. Vineet R. : Hello Doctor! I am Vineet, 30 from Lucknow. My query is: I
  192. deepak verma : Please tell about doses of arsenium alba for different age g
  193. Mini : Hello Doctor, I have few problems namely facial hair, over
  194. BKmishra : Am 50 yr old.My doc suggested Ars Alb 200 twice daily for
  195. DR B S CHANDHOK MD : Dear Dr Singhal, Thank you so much for putting such LOGICAL,
  196. Dr. Anil Singhal, MD (Homeo) : Yes Amit, it was confirmed by the premier research organisat
  197. Dr. Anil Singhal, MD (Homeo) : Please read articles:
  198. Dr. Anil Singhal, MD (Homeo) : Gunjan,Arsenicum Album 30 Or Arsenicum Album 30C or
  199. Gunjan Patel : Dear Sir,pls confirm which medicine for Swine Flu ......
  200. AMIT : Dear Sir,Is it ok if a diabetic (68 yrs old) and a 3 yrs

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