Giving away books

In initial days of my career I was a regular visitor to British Commission Library (BCL) in Connaught Place, New Delhi. As I was a compulsive buyer of the books, I used to buy books from sale of withdrawn books from BCL. I have some good books in my possession.

Now, I have decided to give away some of my best books to brillient students.

Enjoy reading.

1 thought on “Giving away books”

  1. hello Dr. Anil Singhal ji,
    my self a homeopath from gujarat, married to a guy in delhi, shifted to delhi 8 months back. if u have this book “healing power of illness”‘ by thorwald dethlefsen and rudiger dahlke, and any book by dr. vithoulkas, i wud be interested to get it. the former one i am in real search of,and i cant find it anywhere.


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