Welcome 2021 – hope to solve covid-19 mysteries

Today – 31st December – is the last day of this year 2020. We all are going to say ‘bye-bye 2020’ and making ourselves ready to welcome 2021 in this (painful) time of coronavirus pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused massive disruption to families, societies and economies all over the world, we know it.

As it will take time to get the solution against COVID, we must keep adhering to tried and tested measures that keep each and all of us safe.

This means

  • maintaining physical distance,
  • wearing face masks,
  • practicing hand and respiratory hygiene,
  • avoiding crowded indoor places and
  • avoiding meeting people outside.

These five simple, yet effective measures will save lives and reduce the suffering that so many people encountered in 2020.

I wish you and your loved ones a safe and healthy new year 2021.

Dr. Anil Singhal MD

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