Kaleidoscope in 21st Century

A kaleidoscope is an optical device consisting of mirrors that reflect images of bits of coloured glass or other objects in a symmetrical geometric design through a viewer. The design may be changed endlessly by rotating the section containing the loose fragments.

Origin of kaleidoscope word

It is Greek word “kalos” which means ‘beautiful’, and “eidos” means ‘form’ and scope means the extent of one’s perception, understanding, knowledge, or vision.

I would say it is a series of changing phases or events, and you can use this word symbolically to represent a series of change, a series of beautiful change, or a series of beautiful change in life. Subjectively or objectively you can see a kaleidoscopic pattern in your life. It is wonderful.

Last week, while discussing with students about a topic related to child-care, I recollected and shared that in 1995, I worked in a child monitoring center named as “Kaleidoscope” envisioned by one of my friends Dr. JPS Bakshi in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. “Kaleidoscope” was there to monitor changes in growing children for their better mental and physical health.

This rememberance prompted me to create a page as www.facebook.com/kaleidoscope21 I thought I must share my likings and my articles with a larger group of facebook visitors. Facebook allows you to make only 5000 friends and after that you can not like or send friend request. I have more than 5000 friends at FB, and many hundred requests I can’t accept due to the FB limit. Now onwards I’ll be posting the stuff at www.facebook.com/kaleidoscope21, and it’ll help my FB friends.

History of kaleidoscope device

David Brewster (1781-1868) of Scotland invented and patented the kaleidoscope in 1816. He described its structure and operations in a 174-page scientific paper titled Treatise on the Kaleidoscope. In his treatise, Brewster calculated that 24 fragments of glass in the object box of a kaleidoscope could create more than 1.4 x 1033 fleeting views.

So, enjoy kaleidoscope of good writings in this 21st Century.

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